11 Games Like Club Penguin




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Poptropica (Free)

Poptropica is a wonderful Educational MMORPG Virtual World Simulation by Pearson PLC. The game is aimed at Children of ages 6 to 15. It allows them to explore a massive game world, go to different quests, get themselves engaged in the most epic and fun-filled multiplayer environment and make new friends. In addition, it allows you to customize your character with the clothes of your choice. You can also apply various hairstyles and other makeup strategies to look cool, among others.

ToonTown Rewritten (Free)

ToonTown Rewritten is a Browser-based Free-to-Play MMORPG video game based on the closed game, Toontown Online by Disney. The game has no link to Disney instead it is developed by a team of Dedicated players from around the world. The game is in Beta Phase currently and it offers playability Online and free of cost. Just like the original game, ToonTown Rewritten is set in a beautiful ToonTown, the house of beautiful and goofy Toon characters. The Toontown is attacked by the nasty Cogs who want to take over by turning all the Toons into Cogs and by converting the Toon buildings into the Cog buildings. The only way to save the Toon Town is to defeat the Cogs without violence. The Toons can defeat the Cogs by cracking jokes on Cogs as Cogs can’t take the jokes. In a hustle to repel the Toon joke Attack, cogs can attack too. Cogs can attack the Toons and damage them by targeting and Signature Cog Attacks. Every Cog Attack depends on two most important things, the Type of the Cog and the Level of expertise of the Cog. Whoever, Toons or Cogs, attacks and damages the Most, wins and earn experience points that help leveling up. Besides fighting and defeating the Cogs, the Toons can complete various toon tasks such as getting and completing a job by the Shopkeeper, and Head Quarter officer. The toon tasks include fighting and defeating the Cogs, picking up and delivering various items, fishing, riding the Trolly, etc. After the completion of the task, Toons can visit the NPCs and get rewarded. With a remarkable and colorful environment, fun tasks, amazing gag fights with cogs and all the other fun activities, ToonTown Rewritten is one amazing replica of the original ToonTown Online video game. Do try it out and enjoy the ultimate ToonTown Online like experience.


Animal Jam (Free)

Animal Jam is an MMO and a Fantasy based Virtual world video game by National Geographic Society. The basic purpose of this Educational game is to educate children and teens about different things. The game is set in the world of Jamaa and it allows the player to go through various ecological environments. Each and every environment is packed up with different collaborative facts, games, social engagements and virtual shops and settlements etc. You act in this beautiful game as an animal customizer who beautifies the animals with cool customizables, decorates and manages their living spaces and adopts more virtual pets. In short, this game is all about you taking care of the sweet virtual pets. so are you ready and up for the task? Animal jam offers beautiful game world, a secured and safe portal for all the age restricted audience, a great portal to interact with people from around the world and make new friends online.

Webkinz (Free)


Webkinz is an online Virtual World for all the Pet loving kids out there around the globe. The game allows the players to get into the game world by creating and customizing an online Pet Avatar. Once the pet Avatar is ready, the players can then register on the Webkinz website and start playing the game. As Webkinz is a place for little kids, it asks for the parents of guardian’s email ID, and once all is set, the players can get into the world and enjoy playing as a beautiful animal. The game was initially launched by a Canadian Toy Company named as Ganz in 2005. The toys that the Ganz sold are exactly the same as the characters in the Webkinz video game. Ganz allows the toy purchasers to look for a unique secret code on the toy that lets the players have an exact same virtual version of the pet and enjoy playing the game with it. If the players don’t have the pet, there are hundreds of virtual ones available in the Webkinz universe and the players can select anyone of them. Players can log into the Webkinz, adopt a pet of their choice and start playing the game. They can feed them, customize them with the help of all the available options, earn some KinzCash by winning tournaments and games and bring their Plush toys to life in a beautiful Virtual Webkinz World. With all the fun activities for kids such as dressing up the pets, feeding them, decorating rooms for them, playing fun games and learning loads of cool things, online interaction with other Lil’Kinz, Webkinz is a marvelous place to be. For all those who love their pets, Webkinz is a place they should definitely visit and enjoy all the fun. Do try it out.

Jump Start (Free)

Jump Start is another great MMORPG video game set in a colorful Virtual World. This educational masterpiece allows you to choose and customize your own virtual avatar, explore a huge game world, get yourself engaged in to the unfilled activities, play different games with other online players etc. Jump Start basically aims at children of ages 3 to 8 and provides with the most child safe environment. You can experience the awesomeness by letting your children study and learn while playing this wonderful game. Jump Start offers beautiful visuals, a great game-play and a lot of other exciting things. Do try it out for an amazing MMORPG and Educational Virtual World experience. Todo sobre Pinganillos


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a F2P (Free-to-play), Single-player and Multiplayer Social Simulation, developed and published by Nintendo for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The title continues the social simulations’ series that enable the player to interact with the residents of small town, engaging in commerce, performing small but challenging tasks, and decorate the houses. In the game, the player can customize his avatar and his living spaces as well as communities by trading materials and favors for decorative items and accessories. The player can decorate the town, collect materials like cotton and wood from the surrounding areas to trade for furniture. During the gameplay, the character of the player befriends with animal characters, who can visit the campsite of the player. The avatar of the player can travel to several locations like Saltwater Shores, Sunburst Island, and the Marketplace that sells avatar clothing and furniture. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp includes core features such as Craft Furniture, Explore the World, Host Animals, Make new Friends, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

Star Stable (Free)

Star Stable or also known as Star Stable Online, SSO, and SS is a beautifully created MMORPG Virtual World for all the Horse Lovers out there around the globe. Published by Star Stable Entertainment AB, Star Stable offers a similar gameplay and mechanics to its predecessors Starshine Legacy and Star Academy. The gameplay of Star Stable is simple. It allows the players to get into a beautiful world of Jorvic where they can pet a considerable number of Horse Species, complete various quests, Explore the World of Jorvik, interact with people via Online Chat feature. Players can also meet new people from almost every corner of the world and befriend like-minded individuals, and enjoy spending their time on Quality gaming. With a rate of the highest growing Horse and Virtual World Simulation, Star Stable has a player base of millions. The game is available in over 130 countries and offers support in eleven different languages including English, Swedish, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch and Polish Languages. Star Stable offers a brilliantly engaging and immersive gameplay, beautiful visuals and loads of cool things to discover. Do try it out, Star Stable is fun to play.


Marapets (Free)

Marapets is another cool MMORPG and Virtual Pet World inspired by the popular Neopets. The game lets you be part of Marada, Marapets world, select and customize your character and own a pet. The game allows you to explore Marada, hunt for rare items, go on different quests and adventures, find your favorite Marapets and own them. A wonderful aspect of Marapets is that it allows you to teach different musical instruments to your Marapets and if you are a musician in the real world, this would be so wonderful feeling for you. With a beautiful game world, lots of different species of Marapets, a lot of missions, quests, adventures to go on, superb visuals, and an amazingly addictive game-play, Marapets is a brilliant game to play and enjoy. Do give it a try.

RolyPolyLand (Free)

RolyPolyLand is a free-to-play, Online, Virtual World and Browser-based video game for kids. The game takes place in the fantasy world and lets the player create his character named Roly, customize it with different outfits to look unique among thousands of other players around the world. The game embarks the player on exciting adventures where he can interact with other players, make new friends, chat with them, and play mini-games to earn gems. He can join dance clubs and watch videos with friends. The player can use different accessories and items to decorate his room, garden, and kitchen. There are different types of Roly waiting for you. Earn coins and use them to unlock other outfits, items and more. Hang out with friends and go on a drive. Meet with other exciting characters, visit their homes and clubs and purchase your own. RolyPolyLand is the wonderful game to play and enjoy.

Herotopia (Free)

Herotopia is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Fantasy-based and Browser Simulation created by Herotainment. Like other MMORPGs, the player has to create and customize an online avatar to get into the game world where he has to deal with a gang named Bully Bunch. The game takes place in the fantasy world consists of different locations around the globe. There are thousands of players around the globe, and the player can interact with them, play mini-games, traverse through different locations with his fellows and earn experience points. It includes three character types such as Boy, Girl and Baby and includes tons of customization options and allows the player to change his appearance with different outfits. The environment comprises snowy, mountains and jungle. The ultimate task is to score the highest points and use them to unlock further levels. Herotopia offers exciting features, addictive gameplay, and brilliant mechanics. Try it out.

Panfu (Free)

Panfu is a fun MMORPG Virtual World game for kids that allows them to be little Pandas, explore the game world, interact with the objects, NPCs and other online players, make new friends, play games together and engage in a lot of fun filed activities, etc. Your basic task in the game is to customize your panda avatar, decorate its living place and have fun. The game provides with a unique earning system that lets you earn game world currency by solving puzzles, playing games and customizing your panda avatar. Once you have enough game currency, you can go to the market and buy more upgrades to make your game-play more exciting.

11 Games Like Club Penguin

Poptropica (Free)ToonTown Rewritten (Free)Animal Jam (Free)Webkinz (Free)Jump Start (Free)Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free)Star Stable (Free)Marapets (Free)R






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