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Devil May Cry 4 (Paid)


Devil May Cry 4 is the latest addition to the already trending and one of the most played series Devil May Cry. The game offers a marvelous combination of Action-Adventure and Hack and Slash elements and tells the story of a new character named as Nero. Nero possesses multiple demonic powers and is on a mission to encounter the main character, Dante. In the previous game, Dante assassinates the Demons from the Order of the Sword along with their Leader and removes them from existence. The story starts off where it ended in the previous game, and the player gets to control both Dante and Nero. Both of the main characters are now hunting down the Evil and have similar goals. Devil May Cry 4 focuses on close combats including the Melee and allows the players to use different weapons such as Firearms, Swords and loads of other things to Hack and Slash their way through the hordes of demonic enemies. Devil May Cry 4 offers an engaging gameplay, revamped game mechanics, and new characters and rebuilt graphics and offers a great Action-focused experience to all the hardcore fans of the series.

Juggernaut: Revenge Of Sovering (Paid)

Juggernaut: Revenge Of Sovering is another great alternative to “Infinity Blade” developed and published by “Appular”. This action-adventure, fighting and RPG game features stunningly amazing 3D graphics, a really great storyline and game-play. The story of the game tells us about a world of “Haradan”, a territory of the most gruesome and evil beings named as “Sovering”. The Sovering occupied the world of “Haradan” after killing the natives and they settled there. The protagonist is one of the remaining natives and he wants to acquire back his homeland from the “Sovering”. To make his dream real, he sets off to the land of “Haradan” and gets indulged in the epic and heavy fights and melee combats with the “Soverings”. In the end he defeats the “Sovering” and liberates the land of “Heradan” from their foul dominance. This game is definitely a great alternative to “Infinity Blade”. Try it out and you’ll feel the difference. “Juggernaut: Revenge Of Sovering” is available to play on Android and iOS.


Castle Age (Paid)

Castle Age is an MMORPG, Combat, City-Building, Strategy and Fantasy-based video game developed and published by Kabam. In this competition, the player can take on the role of a Warrior, and the main task of the player is lead his nation and save his castle. According to the story of the game, after finishing off the war, the player find his homeland destroyed. A deadly Orc had ruined his land and stolen the artifact, a magical stone keeping the village secure. The game allows the player to start his epic adventure, create his whole nation with numbers of units and buildings, and gather resources and defeat all the Orc in order to complete the game objectives. It also allows the player to interact with the other online operators, makes teams with more than 200 players and eliminate all the enemy creatures. Castle Age includes core features such as different kinds of weapons, massive game world, Upgrades, Unlockable Achievements, unique Combat and various modes, etc. The game offers superb game setting enjoyable gameplay, beautiful graphics, and fantastic game mechanics.

Dragon Hunter 4 (Paid)

Dragon Hunter 4 is an Addictive, Action-Adventure, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing and Strategy video game by Gameloft. The game offers four different character classes, and each class of the game offers different abilities and playing style. It allows the player to choose his character with class and get into the game world where he must explore the massive game world, collect items and defeat all the enemy creatures in order to progress. It also allows the player to participate in the PvP combat and test his skills. The game offers different Modes, and each mode of the game offers different and challenging gameplay. Dragon Hunter 4 offers more prominent features such as character customization option, lots of Upgrades, Achievements, a huge range of weapons and much more. The game provides immersive and quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline, superb game controls and brilliant graphics details. Do try it out, you’ll enjoy it.


Tomb Raider (Paid)

Tomb Raider Originally developed in 1996 by Crystal Dynamics proved its worldwide prominence and likeness among action game enthusiasts. This mighty Action and Adventure video game ended up with a lot of world famous sequels and spin-offs. Recently in 2013 the game series Rebooted and the new Tomb Raider made its way to the markets with countless new features, slightly different storyline and a new face of the protagonist “Lara Croft”. Once again the game progressed in Crystal Dynamic Studios and Eidos Montreal, Nixxes Software, United Front and Feral Interactive did all the additional work. Game was published by Square Enix and “Feral Interactive” in early 2013. The storyline of the game tells us about Lara Croft who happens to be on the island of Yamatai to rescue her friends, while on the island she fights off against a vindictive cult of forgotten and most notorious beings. She must survive in order to free her friends and escape this God forsaken island for good. The game features a remarkable blend of Action, Adventure, RPG and Shooting Elements, addictive and quite fascinatingly action packed game-play, an open world gaming environment with a 3rd person gaming perspective and state of the art, eye catching graphics. Player controls the protagonist Lara Croft and gets caught in the act as the game advances on its course. This super cool and highly anticipated piece of art allows the players to play game in single or multiplayer mode and is available on different platforms like PC (Microsoft Windows), OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Shin Megami Tensei (Paid)

Shin Megami Tensei is an Action-Adventure, RPG and Post-Apocalyptic environment-based video game by Atlus. Released back in 1992, the game allows you to Explore countless Dungeons from a first-person perspective and engage in epic battles against the demons, make allies with online friends and enjoy a marvelous Strategy and tactics based game-play. With a worldwide fame and huge player base, Shin Megami Tensei is one of the best RPG games till date. The game is set in post-modern City of Tokyo and allows yo to be an unnamed protagonist. According to the storyline, A Rift opens up that connects this world to another and demons Occupied the City. As the main protagonist, it is now your duty to fight off the enemies and save Tokyo. Shin megami Tensei offers loads of fantastic game characters referred to as Heroes and allows you to select anyone of the female characters, lead a mighty resistance against the demons, defeat them all and save Tokyo from an extinction level threat. With a brilliant game storyline, addictive gameplay and beautiful visuals Shin Megami Tensei is one cool video game to play and enjoy.

Eternity Warriors 2 (Paid)

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Eternity Warriors 2 takes you to the world of Northern Udar where after a 100 years, The Demons are resurfacing again. After consolidation their demonic powers and great alliances, The Demons are planning a major attack on the World of Northern Udar. The Eternity warriors have kept the Demons at the bay for more than 100 years but now they are failing with every passing second. Knowing about the Towers that Demons are building, your land calls you as the Eternity Warrior once again and tasks you to cleanse the land of these demonic towers. You must stand up, gather up your courage and go hunting down the demons and save the world from a mass damage. Engage yourself into epic PvP and PvE combats, crawl through countless dungeons, battle against the massive demon infestation, kill those demons in amazing Melee attacks. With a wonderfully well-written story, engaging game-play and stunning visuals, Eternity Warriors 2 offers an action-packed and thrilling experience ever. Realtime combats, dozens of different types of enemies, online Co-Op Multiplayer support and Special skills, cool weapons, and loot are the most prominent features of this brilliant Action, RPG and Hack and Slash video game.

Icewind Dale (Paid)


Icewind Dale is a 2000 Adventure, Role-playing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game published by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay Entertainment. It takes place in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms world and the Icewind Dale’s region. In the game, the player controls a party of adventurers, and his ultimate task is to complete a variety of quests to progress through the game. The player controls the party of members using point and click interface and can lead them to the end of each level to earn rewards. Each character has its unique abilities and a set of weapons, which he uses to kill enemies. During exploration, the player interacts with non-player characters to advance through the story. The party comprises up to six members, and the player can create his party by selecting the characters who are available or can export them from the previous title. With addictive gameplay, detailed graphics, and superb controls, Icewind Dale is the best game to play and enjoy.

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Paid)

Rise of the Tomb Raider offers a wonderful combination of Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash aesthetics. This remake of the original Tomb Raider game by Crystal Dynamics features a new ace for the protagonist and allows you to be Lara Croft and go on an epic journey to free your friends from the pirates taking refuge on a distant and god-forsaken island. Equipped with only a Bow and Arrows, you’ll have to survive through hostile environments, encounter the most notorious and vindictive groups of pirates and enjoy immersing yourself into hardcore action and thrill filled game-play. As compared to the previous Tomb Raider games, you’ll experience enhanced mechanics and visuals, a totally new story and plenty of new perks available with the purchase. With a third-person perspective, a new face of protagonist and boldness of the character, Rise of the Tomb Raider offers a totally immersive and one of its kind gaming experience.

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown (Paid)


Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is a great Action-RPG game packed with brilliant Stealth and Beat em’ Up elements. This Super thrilling game is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by “Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment” and it is available to play on iOS and Android Platforms Only. Being part of the Arkham series, the game takes place in Arkham City where the Batman faces and destroys four most notorious villains named as Two Face, Solomon Grundy, Joker and Deathstroke. After the announcement from Mayor of the Arkham city and the fleeing of Joker from Arkham Asylum, batman sets out to fight and defeat the Joker and other villains along with their countless accomplices to cleanse the city off of their presence. In all the fight, batman kills all the villains but captures Poison Ivy alive and sends him back to the asylum. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is an outstanding game in terms of hardcore Action-RPG and fight. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown is a brilliant Action-RPG and Stealth video game to play and enjoy.

Avadon: The Black Fortress (Paid)

Avadon: The Black Fortress is a fantasy based Action-RPG video game by Spiderweb Software. The game allows you to explore the game world by forming a band of skilled warriors, hunting treasures and exploring the dungeons. You have to save your homeland which is being attempted to be destroyed. There are four different classes for your character with multiple unique abilities and spells. You will experience different endings of the game and you can change the world by your own choices. There are multiple side quests, secrets to discover and hidden dungeons. You have to find hundreds of magical items and you can use enchanted crystals to make the artifacts more powerful. You have to be careful while making your party, because there are so many traitors in the disguise of allies. Avadon: The Black Fortress is fantastic Action and Role Playing video game to play and enjoy. Do give it a try.

11 Games Like Dark Souls for iOS

Devil May Cry 4 is the latest addition to the already trending and one of the most played series Devil May Cry. The game offers a marvelous combination of Acti






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