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Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game (Freemium)

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game is an Action, Isometric, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and Adventure video game developed by Tencent Games for Android and iOS. The game puts you in the exciting experience of 5 vs. 5 multiplayer battle and introduces several playable characters. Each character has its unique abilities and personalities. The primary objective is to select your character, encounter other players to team up and participate in battles to fight against a rival team using your skills and abilities. You must struggle to eliminate the member of other teams and defend your team against enemy attack. It takes place in the beautiful world where a variety of legendary heroes awaits you. Warriors, Assassins, Mages, Tanks, Supports, etc. are prominent playable character classes in the game. Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game includes core feature such as Ultimate MOBA Experience, Ten-minute Matches, Legendary Heroes, and more. Try it out, and you’ll like it.

Heroes of Order and Chaos (Freemium)


Heroes of Order and Chaos is one of the most played and well liked MOBA video game that offers playability on both iOS and Android devices. Pioneer in shifting the MOBA genre over to the Mobile Platform, Heroes of Order and Chaos offers a truly amazing and quite addictive gameplay experience. Despite being a Mobile MOBA game, Heroes of Order and Chaos covers almost all of the crucial aspects of the genre and provides with a huge learning curve for both the new and old players. This brilliant game offers over 30 unique Hero characters from various Archetypes and offers unique skills and abilities for each one of them. With a standard 3v3 and 5v5 battles system, Heroes of Order and Chaos allows you to fight against the advanced system AIs as well as the other Online Players. This feature alone makes the game more and more appealing for all the ones who like MOBA with simple, Casual and attractive features. The offline mode allows you to play the game against the AI Bots and enjoy it to the core. You can switch between the Heroes, fight against the Neutral Monsters, collect and build many different items, free more hero characters and enjoy earn Game Currency that you can use for the similar purposes at times. For all those who love playing MOBA games, Heroes of Order and Chaos offers an entirely brilliant experience on Mobile platform.

Plants Wars (Freemium)

Plants Wars takes you to a beautiful and Colorful world of Plants and allows you to enjoy the most exciting RTS and MOBA gameplay. The game offers playability on both iOS and Android platforms, and it offers only Single player experience. Published by the GAMEVIL back in 2012 and it is continuously changing to provide the most optimum experience to the players. According to the storyline, your task in the game is to save the Dryad Forest from all the invading Insects and beasts. You can have many different characters at your disposal all having unique abilities, skills, Strengths, weaknesses and unique playstyle. Plants Wars offers comfortable Tap and touch controls and a really very Fast-paced gameplay, minions at your disposal that you can request spawn at any time while brawling against the enemies. Due to its Freemium model, Plants Wars lets you use in-game purchase options to buy upgrades, unlock many new characters and enjoy the game even more. With multiple layers of game difficulty, loads of fantastic and challenging levels, beautifully create visuals, enhanced game mechanics, and addictive gameplay, Plants Wars is a fun MOBA video game play and enjoy.


Dota 2 (Freemium)

Dota 2 is a Free-to-Play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena MOBA video game by Valve Corporation. This Action-packed sequel to Dota lets you engage yourselves into epic team-based combat matches and allows you to be part of a 5 member team, fight against another team, defeat them and save your Ancients. The one who defeats the other and destroys the Ancients, wins the game. With marvelous Hero characters, a lot of collectibles, cool weapons, skills and abilities, wonderful visuals and an immersive game-play, Dota 2 is a fun MOBA game to play. With a huge online community, regular updates and DLC, superb visual details, immersive game-play and great MOBA aesthetics, Dota 2 is one amazing MOBA game to play. Dota 2 offers a fantastic Shards of War and League of Legends type gameplay and allows you to have a similar gaming experience. Dota 2 offers user created plus the game updates regularly and encourages you to take part in international Dota 2 leagues in order to win amazing prizes and stuff.

Heroes of the Storm (Freemium)

Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard takes the already pacing MOBA genre to further heights as it offers diversity and plenty of room in gameplay. The game is now out of its Beta mode and offers a truly remarkable lineup of both characters and skill sets. Heroes of the Storm is often described as a fantastic brawler because of its 5v5 (PvP) matches and characters from the Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft universes and allows you to select any one of the classes such as Warriors, Specialists, and Assassins, etc. Heroes of the Storm offers seven main maps and a unique three-lane layout, loads of different game objectives and different settings as well. All this innovation in the gameplay refers to a new type of MOBA experience. Heroes of the Storm mainly focuses on objective-based gameplay and tasks you to simply follow any path or lane towards your goal of destroying your enemy’s base. There are secondary objectives in the game that you can complete while going to achieve the primary goals. Heroes of the Storm lacks the individual type gameplay and instead it highlights a team-based scenario that helps maintain the characters because of their equality in strengths and the part that they play in the game. After every three levels, the game rewards you with trait points that you can use to unlock unique skills, characters, and upgrades. With a truly remarkable gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and impressive visuals, Heroes of the Storm is an excellent MOBA video game to play and enjoy.


Atlas Reactor (Freemium)

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Atlas Reactor mixes up Turn-based Strategy and MOBA elements together and offers a brilliant PvP experience based on that. Atlas Reactor provides plenty of room for both character selection and modifications and lets you control almost everything virtually. The game refers to the main characters as Freelancers and offers amazing 2v2 and 6v6 matches. With a very exciting Champion-driven gameplay, Atlas Reactor features 5 unique abilities for each character and keeps the customization options available until the end. You can alter character’s appearance, abilities, and skills and turn them into more powerful ones as compared to the enemies. Atlas Reactor offers a Turn-based gameplay so between the turns, it offers 20 to 30 second time period for an attack and because of that, it is a pretty fast-paced game to play. Prep, Dash, Move, and Blast are the four main phases of an attack, and you have to manage your attack in the given time or else you’ll get more damage than the opponents. With plenty of Depth in gameplay, unique characters and skill options, fast-paced gameplay and all the blasting MOBA action, Atlas Reactor is one of the best games of this particular genre.

Legendary Heroes (Freemium)


Legendary Heroes takes the MOBA genre back to Android and iOS platforms and offers a truly fantastic experience. The game mainly focuses on 3v3 (PvP) matches and provides hours-long Single player campaign, and allows you to play the game offline as well. The newer version of the game needs more performance from your handheld device so you better check before playing or else you’ll be disappointed because of the lag in gameplay. Mainly Legendary Heroes is an Action-RTS video game, but it has loads of similarities to the MOBA genre, and it offers visible attachments to it. The game lets you create your own team of three Heroes, and go fighting against the advanced game AIs, destroy their base and claim your rewards after the victory. The gameplay offers variety as it allows you to switch between the three heroes, use their unique skills and enjoy unleashing might over enemies. Legendary Heroes lets you upgrade the skills for your Hero characters as you reach the advanced levels of the game. You can simply use your level to upgrade many fantastic Upgrades and enjoy having an advantage over your enemies. Beautiful graphics, excellent game mechanics, immersive gameplay and all the other exciting things considered, Legendary Heroes offers a great MOBA experience. You’ll definitely like it if you are a real fan of the genre, so do try it out.

Smite (Freemium)

Smite is a wonderful Third-person Action and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game by Hi-Rez Studios. The game lets you be a mighty entity, take part in arena-based combat events, use your special powers and advanced tactics to defeat your enemies (Online Players), NPCs etc. and enjoy being part of a wonderfully enchanted game world. With multiple exciting game modes, team-based battles, huge game-world, equally equipped enemies, loads of DLC, superb Visuals and an immersive game-play, Smite is a brilliant game to play. Smite offers epic PvP combat-based game-play and allows you to fight against the teams by creating your own team of 3 or 5 players. As the game is a MOBA, it allows you to be part of teams of amazingly skilled and unique characters, engage yourselves into amazing battles, defeat your opponents, earn experience points, unlock a number of fantastic Upgrades such as new and advanced skills, weapons and spells etc. For all those who love playing MOBA games, Smite actually provides with a way to live the lives of glorious warriors and enjoy every bit of this brilliant game.

Fat Princess (Freemium)


Fat Princess is a Single and Multiplayer Action and Real-time Strategy video game Sony Computer Entertainment. The game is exclusively design for PlayStation consoles and allows the players to enjoy a remarkable gameplay. The game allows up to thirty two players in a multiplayer mode gameplay and assigns them the task of freeing the “Fat Princess” and bringing her back to the base. The Fat Princess remains always hungry, so the players must feed her with Cakes. That way the Fat princes will get heavier and abducting her will be so much difficult for the enemies. Fat Princess features sic different character classes such as Warriors, Mages, Rangers, Workers, Priests, and Villagers and Sub-classes such as Pirates, Giants, and Ninjas. Players are able to select any class and sub class of characters and perform tasks with their particular abilities. Fat Princess offers a Sequel named as Fat Princess Adventures and offers enhanced game mechanics, more missions and an addictive gameplay to enjoy. Do give it a try, Fat Princess is fun to play and enjoy.

Heroes Evolved (Freemium)

Heroes Evolved is an Action, Fast-paced, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Strategy and F2P video game developed and published by R2 Games. The game focuses on team-based gameplay and designed for hardcore players. Select your character, make your place on a guild and jump into the game battle where you have to work with your team to devastating the opposing team using strategy and attacks. There are over fifty unique heroes and you can select one of them. Each character has its unique play style, abilities and a variety of skills that he can use against his opponents. It offers the similar gameplay like League of Legends and Dota 2. Explore the game world, fight against friends or other player’s team around the globe and show off your strength and abilities by defeating them. The game includes different weapons, tools, and items to use during the gameplay and utilize on foes to slaughter. You can customize your look using different accessories and items through customization features. Thousands of Players, Unleash Skills, Quick Play, over 25+ Characters, etc. are the prominent features of the game. Try it out.

Heroes Arena (Freemium)

Heroes Arena is an Action, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and Adventure video game created by uCool for Android and iOS. The game takes place in the challenging environment and introduces several playable character classes. You can assume the role of the hero and can select your character to jump into the online battle arena where you can team up with other players from around the globe to battle against a rival team. Each character has its unique abilities, spells, and weapons. You explore the land from an isometric perspective and can fight enemies using your mighty sword to earn points. During the gameplay, you can use the shield to defend yourself against enemy attack and can switch weapons to kill enemies. In the beginning, the game looks easy to play, but as you advanced the game becomes desperate to play. Earn as many points as possible and use these points to enhance your power, raise up your level, and unlock additional content. Fast-paced Fun, Intuitive Control, Arsenal of Weaponry, New Factions, etc. are core features of the game. Try it out.

11 Games Like Mobile Legends: Bang bang

Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game (Freemium)Heroes of Order and Chaos (Freemium)Plants Wars (Freemium)Dota 2 (Freemium)Heroes of the Storm (Freemium)Atlas Reactor






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