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Here you could find a very nice list with the best Games Like Stick War: Legacy for Android


StickWars 3 (Freemium)

StickWars 3 is a Strategy, Side-scroll and Single-player video game developed and published by Flashman Games LLC. The game takes place in the beautiful world and casts you in the role of the protagonist who is an Evil. The main aim is to control the protagonist named as Dark Maelnik with his undead army and threaten the world to complete your objectives. You have to defend your castle from heroes who are coming toward you to defeat. Control your undead forces, and send them to battle against enemies and slaughter them before they ruin you. The game rewards you with points as you complete the missions and you can use this money to unlock or upgrade your castle to make it more powerful and strong. Wizards, Battle Flamer Throwers, Big sticks, etc. are the powerful enemies in the game. Lead your army using touch controls and discover new spells by exploring environments. StickWars 3 offers core features such as Battle Powerful Enemies, Upgrades, up to Sixty Castles, Unleash new Army and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

Stick Empires (Freemium)


Stick Empires revolves around a Side-scroll Strategy element developed by Max Games Studios. The game allows you control a stick figure army and try to conquer the world by defeating rival armies and other Kingdom. Create your units, recruit an army and defend your kingdom against enemy attack. There are different character classes such as Mage, Archer, Spear, Sword, and Giant. Select your character, lead your team in battle and destroy the statue of the enemies, and take over all territories. The game takes place in the fictional world known as Inamorta, and rival nations surround you. Each nation has its unique defend and attack method, and you can adapt your unique style to dominate the world. Gather resources, mine gold, learn new abilities and earn experience points to unlock further content. Discover new technologies, and prove yourself as the best leader of the Kingdom. With unique gameplay, Stick figure characters, and smooth controls, Stick Empires is the best game to play.

March of Empires (Freemium)

March of Empires is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, MMO and Fantasy-based video game created and published by Gameloft. The game allows the player to play as a Ruler who is able to build his own Empire, collect numbers of resources, create his own military force and lead them into the combat. It allows the player to defeat all the enemy creatures in order to expand his empire. The player is also able to get interact with the other online player makes teams and play against the opposite team of the other online player. It is an excellent game that offers fast-paced and action-packed gameplay to immerse himself deep into the brilliant game world. March of Empires includes core features such as character customization option, Upgrades, collect items, Power-ups, create numbers of the building and chat with the other player, etc. The game offers stunning gameplay, well-written storyline, and brilliant visual details. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the things in this exciting match.

Cat War2 (Freemium)


Cat War2 is a Tower-Defense, Strategy, Side-scroll and Single-player video game created and published by WestRiver for Android and iOS platforms. The game takes place in the fantastic world and revolves around between two factions such as Cat and Dog. You can assume the role of the god of cats and can control your army throughout levels. The primary objective is to fight against dogs and fend off them by destroying your Kingdom. Use defenses and upgrade those using points. There are a variety of levels and each level offers challenging gameplay and needs a completion of certain objectives. Manipulate the world, collect resources and dispatch cats to kill the enemies. There are other heroes available with special abilities that can be used to fight against dogs. Guide your army using touch controls and complete a set of levels to further progress. The game unlocks other levels as you gain enough points. Collect Diamonds, various Levels, Power-ups, Upgrade Defenses, etc. are the core features in the game. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

Game of Thrones: Conquest (Freemium)

Game of Thrones: Conquest is a Strategy video game developed and published by Warner Bros. for mobile devices. The game offers the awesome gameplay based on the HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest and puts the player in the role of the lord who must defend his/her home from opponents. In the game, the player has to build his houses, recruit his army, equip them with weapons, and struggle to dominate the iconic states of power, and become the leader of the Seven Kingdoms. Explore the land from an isometric perspective and fulfil the quests to earn points. According to the story, the Westeros conflicts, the dragon rules the sky, and the deadly army invades the environment. The player as the hero must live out his fantasy and join the war. The ultimate tasks of the player are to create houses, raise his army as he navigates the political landscapes. The game enables the player to become the lord in Westeros and make a strategy for dominating the Seven Kingdoms. Game of Thrones: Conquest includes core features such as Explore the Landscapes, Fantasy Environment, Allegiance System, Become the lord and more. Try it out, if you love playing strategy games. Resumen de Libros


Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare (Freemium)

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is an Action, Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed and published by ABE Entertainment Ltd. The game comes with a thrilling gameplay and takes place in the stunning world invaded by zombies. In the game, as the protagonist the player must resist against the undead creatures and show off his tactics by smashing them all to restore the peace. During the gameplay, the player can kill the undead invasion, gather supplies, look for survivors, and struggle to reach the end of each level while playing the game. During gameplay, as the hero the player needs to defend the bus and don’t let the hungry and vicious zombies to eat the living. Breakthrough barricades on the way and install the battle camp to his advantage. Collect the team of gladiators and embark them into fight, use necessary items and weapons to face off waves of zombies. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare includes prominent features such as Save the World, Plenty of Units, Special Items, Massive Environment, Action mixed Strategy Gameplay, and more.

Zombie Faction: Battle Games for a New World (Freemium)

Zombie Faction: Battle Games for a New World is an Action, Side-scroll, Strategy, and Single-player video game developed and published by Codigames. The game places the player in the zombie-apocalypse where the player needs to survive at any cost to become the master. The player assumes the protagonist’s role, who knew that a day would come, and he has been getting ready for this moment. Before starting the game, the player needs to learn how to survive a zombie disaster and use that knowledge in the strategy game to take down the undead creatures. While playing the game, the player has to create his protective shelter and then turn it into a fortress. The goal is to find out the lost survivors like a sheriff, a nurse, or even a sniper and struggle to convince them to join his faction. Together the player will be capable of improving the base with rooms full of flamethrowers, guns, traps, machine guns, and launchers. Zombie Faction: Battle Games for a New World offers prominent features such as Defeat the Plague, Fight for the Survival, Defend yourself, Recruit Survivors, and more. Test your survival games in this game.


Blade of Conquest (Freemium)

Blade of Conquest is a Strategy and Single-player video game with Role-playing elements for Android. In the game, the player assumes the role of the prince of the Kingdom, suffering the pain of subjugation in the world of magic and sword. The player needs to find his followers in the massive Atmora continent, where the game takes place, create his own army to take down his enemies and retrieve the former condition of the kingdom of Casadoria. There are over hundreds of villages and towns, and the player can conquer them to become the lord, but first, he needs to strengthen his kingdom enough to attack others. During the gameplay, the player can use over twenty units and can upgrade them using the points that the player has earned after defeated rival forces. Blade of Conquest includes prominent features such as RTS Mode, Massive Props, Urban Trading System, Different Types of Talent, 20 Units, and more. With immersive gameplay, good controls, and brilliant mechanics, Blade of Conquest is the best game to play.

Evostar: Legendary Warrior RPG (Freemium)

Evostar: Legendary Warrior RPG is an Adventure, RPG, and Single-player video game developed by Spartonix for Android and iOS. Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of a warrior, where the main mission is to get the rule of the galaxy back from the emperors.

One Gun: Stickman (Freemium)

One Gun: Stickman is an Adventure, Shooter, and Single-player video game developed by erow.dev for Android and iOS. Like other RPG adventures, the player finds himself in a world where the focus is to face many zombies, monsters, and mighty opponents. The player has weapons in hand, and it is the best opportunity to show off the shooting skill.

A Little War 2 Revenge (Freemium)

A Little War 2 Revenge is an Adventure, Strategy, and Single-player video game for Android and iOS developed by Bakumens. It is the sequel to the A Little War game and requires the player to follow the same gameplay. Throughout the game, the player plays as a lord of Orc that backs with stronger troops to defeat the opponents.

11 Games Like Stick War: Legacy for Android

StickWars 3 (Freemium)Stick Empires (Freemium)March of Empires (Freemium)Cat War2 (Freemium)Game of Thrones: Conquest (Freemium)Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare (Fre






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