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Here you could find a very nice list with the best Games Like Zuma for Android


FarmVille: Harvest Swap (Free)

FarmVille: Harvest Swap is a fantastic Free-to-Play Match-3 type Puzzle and collecting video game by Zynga. With a beautiful FarmVille theme, FarmVille: Harvest Swap allows you to swipe different farm objects such as Apples, Carrots, Water, Corn etc. match them with their similar objects and complete the levels in order to finish the game.The game offers different tasks for different game levels such as reaching to a certain score, collecting a number of certain objects by matching them, by collecting the gold coins and filling up the sacs etc. With a unique story, lots of objects to collect, cool upgrades and bonuses etc. FarmVille: Harvest Swap is a wonderful Match-3 type game to play and enjoy.

Garden Mania 2: Harvest Fall (Free)


Garden Mania 2: Harvest Fall is another cool Match-3 type Puzzle video game. The game features a similar game-play to a number of fantastic Match-3 games of the same genre and allows you to swap and match your way through exciting game levels. Your task in the game is to run your own garden by matching same type of crops and other garden objects in order to complete the game levels. Managing the whole garden, eradicating various crop diseases, containing the flowing hot lava etc. are your responsibilities and if you are good at all this, you’ll definitely enjoy playing this marvelous game. With a number of unlockable adventures and game levels, eye-catching and beautiful visuals and sounds, over 400 exciting game levels, availability on multiple platforms and easy swiping controls are the most prominent features of this brilliant game. If you really love playing Match-3 type of puzzle games, you should totally try this one out, you’ll love it.

The Treasures of Montezuma 3 (Free)

The Treasures of Montezuma 3 is an Adventure, Match-3, Puzzle and Single-player video game created by Alawar Entertainment and published by Buka Entertainment. It is the third sequel in the series of The Treasures of Montezuma. The game offers the similar gameplay like other Match-3 games, in which you have to match or combine at least three gems to destroy and earn points. There are a set of levels, and each level is complex as compared to last one. The game will unlock other rich content as you progress in it. It lets you a chance to show your matching skills and score as many points as possible in a limited time. You can unlock boosters and power-ups by combining more than three gems. In the game, each level represents different scenario with challenging tasks. The Treasures of Montezuma 3 offers core features such as over 40 Treasure Chests, Twenty-two Trophies, Stunning Visuals, up to 160 Levels, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga (Free)


Candy Crush Jelly Saga focuses on Match-3 and Puzzle elements developed and published by Kings. The game is available to play on mobile platforms and includes new delicious levels filled with tasty jellies. Dive into the game world, match yummy candies and jellies to smash and earn sweet points that you can use to unlock further levels. The game offers fantasy world consists of different worlds, and each world has a set of levels that you must complete at any cost. It supports both single and multiplayer modes, and you can play as Jenny, show your awesome moves in front your friends and competitors to impress. The game offers star-based system and rewards you with three stars if you complete a level within time and moves. Candy Crush Jelly Saga lets you play solo or against your friends in multiplayer mode and score the highest points to defeat them. Over 100 Levels, Queen Boss Modes, New Power-ups, Upgrades, Delicious Candies, Delicious Points, etc. are the core features of the game. Try it out.

Jewel Mania (Free)

Jewel Mania is another great Puzzle, Match-3 video game from Storm8 Studios that truly mimics the qualities and characteristics of Bejeweled. With a similar game-play, Jewel Mania allows you to swap and match 3 or more of the same kinds of Jewels, create waves of amazingly beautiful sparkles of jewels and enjoy an amazingly immersive game-play. Jewel Mania offers over 450 levels of brilliance, lets you create amazing combinations by matching identical jewels, discover super rare, magical and phenomenal diamonds that will help create a huge amount of jewel bursts, go through challenging obstacles and enjoy beautiful visuals, easy game controls and a challenging puzzle game-play. With all of its super thrilling and quite appealing nature, Jewel Mania is a one of the best games like Bejeweled to play and enjoy. fuentes de chocolate


Cookie Jam is a great Puzzle, Match-3 video game by SGN that allows you to play with the delicious cookies and the Cookie Jam. Cookie Jam lets you hop in your wonderful traveling bakery, visit wonderlands and enjoy the amazing world of challenging puzzles, colors and brilliance. Your task is to simply solve amazingly mouth-watering puzzles by simply swiping the cookies and making the sweetest combinations ever. Match 3 or more of the same type of cookies as fast as you can and enjoy making them disappear to complete the levels of deliciousness or else the Gingerbread Man will ruin them. Cookie Jam offers hundreds of uniquely built addictive levels, amazing supplies of power-ups and combinations, amazingly colorful bakery world, beautiful visuals, immersive game-play and super easy swipe and tap controls. For a brilliant jelly Splash type of game-play, do try it.

Puzzle and Dragons (Free)

Puzzle and Dragons is a great creation of GungHo Online Entertainment. The game is a super addictive and engaging Match-3 Puzzle video game that combines Strategy and RPG elements in its core game-play and offers a really unique experience ever. The game lets you move and match three or more of the same kind of Orbs that are arranged in a grid. Upon a match-up horizontally or vertically, the orbs will make a chain reaction and the corresponding orbs will vanish with a shimmer. The orbs match-up defines what characters will go out and fight against the monsters with their unique skills. Puzzle and Dragons is basically a turn-based match-3 video game so it lets you engage in combats with your enemies on your turn and allows you to damage your enemy with every Orbs Match-up. You can also earn some bonus points and additional moves with more than 3 match-ups and bigger chain reactions. With great visual details, music and voices, Puzzle and Dragons provides with a great game-play you have ever experienced. Do try this game for a great Match-3 Puzzle gaming experience.

Egypt Jewels (Free)


Egypt Jewels is a super addictive and quite engaging Match-3 Puzzle game by BubbleSoft and provides with another classic game-play, great 3D graphics and easy swipe controls. You get to play 100 levels of dazzling game and match up the differently colored jewels horizontally and vertically to make them vanish. With every Match-up, the game awards you with points and power-ups to enhance your fun game-play and push yourself into the world of ancient Egyptian wonders. You will experience clean and quite glittery 3D graphics, beautifully designed maps, colorful backgrounds and jewels.

Jewels Star (Free)

Jewels Star is a marvelous Match-3 Puzzle video game that takes you to an amazing night sky environment and provides with an addicting and quite engaging game-play. Just like a traditional Match-3 puzzle game, you match-up the same type of jewels hanging on a starry sky until all the board is cleared and the big “Jewels Star” appears. Jewels Star reaches to the last line and the level completes. The game provides with more than 350 exciting levels, 8 beautiful themes, colorful backgrounds, a lot of amazing power-ups and easy swipe controls along with crystal clean graphics. “Jewels Star” is a great alternative to “Jewel Quest”. Do try it out, you’ll definitely like it.

Jewels Deluxe (Free)

Jewels Deluxe is an addictive and quite challenging Match-3 Puzzle video game. It takes you to a beautiful and amazingly colorful world of glittering jewels and lets you play the game by simply matching up 3 or more of the same kind of jewels and eliminate them. Jewels Deluxe provides with Arcade and time modes along with crystal clear 3D graphics, a lot of power ups, sweet backgrounds and themes and 300 levels of pure fun. Unlike other Match-3 Puzzle games, Jewels Deluxe offers a dynamic game-play and quite alluring environment.

Jewels Saga (Free)

Jewels Saga is a fantastic Match-3 Puzzle video game by Words Mobile. The game provides with the ultimate power of the magic and all the beautiful combinations that a player can make while playing the game. Jewels Saga allows the players to merge two or more of the same colored jewels to finish the lines. With all the beautiful graphics and the enchanting gem crushing fun, Jewels Saga lets the players engage into an epic gameplay. Complete over 150 extremely addictive game levels or go to time based matches beautiful animations, a tutorial level for the players to learn about the game. Jewels Saga offers easy control for the game and allows the players to swap their way through the countless levels of awesomeness. Furthermore, Jewels Saga offers Arcade Mode; in which the players must reach to a specific goal, solve the match-3 puzzles and enjoy the game. The Time mode tasks the players to match the gems a bit faster than the regular speed and earn some of the coolest rewards. With all the great things considered about the game, I’ll say that to the players, don’t waste time and enjoy a similar gaming experience.

11 Games Like Zuma for Android

FarmVille: Harvest Swap (Free)Garden Mania 2: Harvest Fall (Free)The Treasures of Montezuma 3 (Free)Candy Crush Jelly Saga (Free)Jewel Mania (Free)Cookie Jam (






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