13 Seriously Scary Moments From 90s Games

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For as far as technology and graphics have progressed, some of the best scares in gaming are also some of the oldest. These are the terrors that transcend time, preying on our fears to incredible effect. Let’s take a look at 13 scary moments from the 90s games that probably still haunt you.

Zombie Dogs – Resident Evil

Resident Evil - Zombie Dogs

While the very first meeting with a zombie, as it slowly turned around, revealing its mutilated face will stick with us, the dogs from Resident Evil 1 are way more memorable. The game starts with the main cast running from a pack of undead dogs, seeking shelter in the mansion. You know it won’t be the last time dealing with them, but you half-expect one to suddenly leap through a window as you’re walking down the corridor. Or even for a second one to join in.

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