13 Times Microsoft, Sony, And Nintendo Took Shots At Each Other

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  13 Times Microsoft, Sony, And Nintendo Took Shots At Each Other

Nobody likes console wars, and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what plastic box you’re playing your games on, as long as you’re enjoying them. But hey, it’s still fun to watch the makers of these plastic boxes compete with each other, and at times flat-out throwing shade at each other. It’s good entertainment, right? Here, we’re going to talk about a few instances where Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft did just that- at times with great subtlety, and at times, with no regard for subtlety whatsoever.


Of course we were going to start with this one. It’s the first one you thought of when we started talking about these companies throwing shade at each other, because it’s perhaps the most blatant and well-known example of it in recent memory. Microsoft messed up with their Xbox One presentation at E3 2013, most notably with the console’s restrictive and complicated used games sharing. Sony responded quickly in shockingly blunt and hilarious fashion, with a simple tutorial video of how to share PS4 games- just hand your copy to off to your friends.

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