15 More Amazing Ninja And Samurai Games You Need to Experience

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 15 More Amazing Ninja And Samurai Games You Need to Experience

Samurais that cut down foes with swift and deadly strikes, ninjas that strike at their enemies from the darkness and disappear into the night- there’s just something about these two very different kinds of warriors that attracts both storytellers and audiences in large numbers, and video games, like any other entertainment medium, are not immune to those charms. Over the years, dozens upon dozens of excellent games have done some memorable stuff with samurais and ninjas, and that’s seen even more of an uptick in recent years. And now that it’s been some time since we spoke about our favourite games with samurais or ninjas in then, here, we’re going to speak about a few more.


ghost of tsushima director's cut

Let’s start with the most obvious choice, because obviously, there was no way Ghost of Tsushima was not going be to in the list. Living the samurai power fantasy in a vast, richly created, beautiful open world that is brimming with striking vistas- Ghost of Tsushima accomplishes is defined by all of this, and so much more. Just as deserving of praise is the combat, which serves up the perfect samurai experience- and as you play more and Jin keeps moving further and further away from the code of honour he’s been bound by his entire life, those gameplay mechanics begin changing as well, allowing for much more brutal, deadly, efficient, and silent ways of dispatching enemies.