13 Games Like Subnautica - Recommendations

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Games Like Subnautica

The genre of survival or even giving your games a strong component of that genre is usually something quite entertaining.

Subnautica proposes us to move to the ocean of an alien planet after the collapse of the interstellar ship, in which we were traveling, with the aim of surviving in order to be rescued. As survival games go, this game requires you to build and survive for as long as possible - hopefully until you are rescued.

With quality graphics and engaging gameplay, games like Subnautica are also about survival, crafting and making it out alive, in a world that is trying to kill you. Discover our list here:

Best Games Similar to 'Subnautica':

1. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky is an atmospheric game. You start your adventure in a random planet in a galaxy with a trillion planets procedurally generated, one different each game. Your ship has decomposed and you need to repair it at any cost. You start collecting resources.

The planet can be hostile or be a cornucopia of friendly life forms and resources. Eventually, you'll have everything to go out and explore the universe. If you like survival games like Subnautica, then you’ll surely love No Man’s Sky, a form of Subnautica but in space!

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2. Starbound

The plot starts from a serious incident at a graduation party that will cause our character -editable in appearance and race- to flee in a small damaged spaceship. The alien attack has destroyed the Earth, and as castaways in the vastness of space, we will arrive at a small planet to explore.

You can jump straight into discovering the mystery behind the alien attack. You can meet new civilizations and their background. Or you can spend tens of hours busy colonizing a lost corner of the universe and decorating your new home. The choice is yours!

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3. Raft

Raft is a survival video game that introduces us as a castaway in the middle of the ocean. With just two items to our name, we have to begin our journey of survival. This might be easier said than done, as our hero will have to quite literally build everything from nothing - but in Raft, the journey truly is the destination. Good mechanics, graphics and a nice building system make this game very enjoyable. Struffoli sin gluten: la receta para hacerlos en casa

For fans of games similar to Subnautica, this is Subnautica on a Raft. Hours of fun will be spent with this amazingly fun game!

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4. Stranded Deep

Our misadventure begins after the crash of our luxurious private jet, an introductory sequence that leads us to find ourselves adrift.

With the only help of a lifeboat to keep us away from the flames of which our ship is grazing, we notice an island. Here is where our odyssey for survival and the search for a way to recover our life begin. Craft, build, survive, you know (and love) the drill. Another very solid alternative for gamers who want more similar games like Subnautica.

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5. The Forest

Survival is difficult in real life and finding that balance in games can be complex. The Forest manages to combine this genre with some interesting mechanics, and a very well created atmosphere. We find ourselves stranded in a forest, and have to learn to survive.

But we are not alone, and we better learn what needs to be done fast, or else we will pay with our life. Perhaps this is a bit scarier game than Subnautica, but very immersive and great mechanically. You will lose the notion of time while enjoying this masterpiece.

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More games to play if you enjoyed Subnautica:

6. The Long Dark
7. Satisfactory
8. Outer Wilds
9. Space Engineers
10. Abzu
11. The Solous Project
12. Green Hell
13. Astroneer

13 Games Like Subnautica - Recommendations

The genre of survival or even giving your games a strong component of that genre is usually something quite entertaining.







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