21 best games of the 80s

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  21 best games of the 80s

Mythical games that have made history such as The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania or Donkey Kong.

Now that it is fashionable to rescue retro games, it is easy to remember jewels like Golden Ax or Double Dragon. In the 1980s, gambling games became popular. platform, adventure, fighting or the mythical graphic adventures. Games that allow interact with the environment in different ways, while eliminating enemies along the way. The graphics were very more modest, but features a careful art style with sprites made up of just a few pixels. Below you can see what they are the best games of the 80s.

I’m sure you remember the top 90s games. So now we go back a little further in time to find titles like Donkey Kong, Contra or Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Most of these games take place in side-scrolling levels, where the player controls a character that can move forward, jump or defeat enemies in different ways. In the following list there are very influential 2D platform games like Super Mario Bros.

From the Nintendo title, this genre had more presence. But before there were already very addictive games like Pac Man and Tetris, possibly the most played puzzle game in history. amazing thing about these 80’s games is that its gameplay is still very current and has inspired many development studios. Under these lines you have a selection with the games of the 80s of all the platforms that they were very important.

Top 10 best games of the 80s

Do not miss this ranking with the 10 best games of the 80s that triumphed in arcades and on the first home consoles. Gamers from all over the world spent many hours playing platform games like Donkey Kong and graphic adventures Maniac Mansion style.

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Mario is considered the father of video games, being the most influential platform game in history. It has a simple gameplay, but the levels have different traps, enemies and secret areas for the player to get bonuses. All this makes it a very addictive game to play for hours and one of the games that has contributed to the industry just by its existence.


Before Super Mario Bros. appeared, it first debuted the giant gorilla called Donkey Kong. Though to be fair, Mario was the protagonist of this adventure when he had no name yet. The idea of ​​Donkey Kong had everything that a platform video game should have: obstacles, a final boss and a damsel in distress. The success of this game, which is still played by speedrunners, meant that both the gorilla and the plumber had their own sagas.


This arcade game was very popular for its such demanding levels. It is a really difficult title to complete that alternated between different perspectives that also played with depth, giving a 3D effect. Unlike other 80’s shooters, the player could shoot in any of the 8 directions and adopt different positions to avoid the enemies.


The mythical Ghosts ‘n Goblins has a gameplay similar to Contrabut the protagonist is a knight who faces demonic forces of Astaroth. Although he wears armor, any hit causes Arthur to lose protection from him and literally I left him in his underwear. The success of the game was such that Capcom developed other deliveries later, since its high level of difficulty It was quite a challenge for the players.


There are no words when talking about Tetris. everyone knows the block game that has continuously adapted to the new times. It is one of the most played games in history and with a addictive gameplay, so it is normal to find it on all platforms. The objective of the game is simple: you have to fit pieces to delete rows and clear the level of blocks before it’s too late. Gestacion y Maternidad subrogada en California (EEUU) para parejas heterosexuales y homosexuales Gestación subrogada en Estados Unidos


Both the first installment and its sequel were published in the 80’s, without imagining that it would be one of the most important sagas of video games. This game used elements of action, adventure and role-playing games, where the player could control Link through a series of levels. Start the game armed with only a shield, but soon get a sword with which you can attack enemies. An essential classic from the 80s.


This game took the fighting genre to another level, especially in the arcades where it was a real success. This Street Fighter proposed one on one fights in very detailed scenarios. The best thing was its playability, since with few buttons you could do dozens of combinations to hit, dodge, counterattack or surprise the opponent. It was also one of the first games that allowed a local multiplayer so funny


In 1986 a game of very peculiar platforms known as Castlevania. Players control Simon Belmont, a descendant of a vampire Hunter who wants to find Count Dracula to defeat him. Until reaching the end of the game, it is possible to find and use different weapons such as throwing knives, axes, and even a magical clock that can briefly freeze enemies. Ultimately, he had a innovative game system and deeper than others.


Ron Gilbert developed this graphic adventure to parody horror movie cliches and Series B. Gilbert replaced the command lines with a simple system of point an click to move the character around the stages and interact with the objects. So it became a standard feature of classic graphic adventures and LucasFilm began a long history in video games.


The beat ’em up lived their best moment in this decade and fights were represented in an urban environment with very eighties references. Unlike fighting games, Double Dragon featured side-scrolling scenarios where the player had to fight against a group of enemies. Nor was inspiration lacking in martial arts, since karate Kid and other films of the style were on everyone’s lips.


Many players have tried these adventures sometime. Some have been re-released on PC or current consoles, so it’s possible to find remastered editions. Even so, they are games that mainly triumphed in the arcades, where users queued to complete levels. You can too play the best games of the 90s on your mobile.

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