4 Simpsons characters that only appeared in one chapter and are mythical

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  4 Simpsons characters that only appeared in one chapter and are mythical

These are some of the unforgettable characters from The Simpsons.

During the great history of The Simpsons, very striking characters have appeared in each of the seasons, from celebrities to guests from other franchises that undoubtedly make each chapter even more interesting. However, even if there many cameos that have been impressivethere are also original characters from the series who have become unforgettable after winning the hearts of viewers in just one chapter.

However, these have not been on the screen for a long time, but they have had a great impact on the time they appeared and that is something that also makes them special. In the following list we are going to show you the 4 characters from The Simpsons that many followers remember no matter how much time passes.

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Laura Powers

The Simpsons

Laura Powers from The Simpsons

  • Appearance: season 4 – episode 67.

  • Episode name: The new girl in the neighborhood.

  • Date of issue: November 12, 1992.

Who would forget one of Bart’s first loves? Without a doubt this has been one of the episodes most remembered by fans, one in which Bart is heartbroken. Here Marge makes a new friend who is her new neighbor, who has a daughter named Laura Powers, who meets Bart shortly after arriving in the neighborhood. Immediately, Bart falls in love with her because he likes her style and because they have many things in common, but soon he realizes that Laura has a boyfriend who is Jimbo and he gets upset, so much so that he decides to take revenge by playing a prank on him to make him embarrassed. in front of her.

lyle lanley

The Simpsons

Lyle Lanley from The Simpsons

  • Appearance: season 4 – episode 71.

  • Episode name: Marge against the monorail.

  • Date of issue: January 14, 1993.

In this chapter an oil salesman named Lyle Lanley arrives in Sprigfield with the aim of starting a new business that would captivate the inhabitants, “create a monorail system”. With his great social skills and a pleasant way to communicate with your customers, came to gain everyone’s appreciation until Marge discovers it’s all part of Lanley’s evil plan to make her rich for his own benefit. This is one of the most iconic episodes of the animated series. Animales que comen cucarachas


The Simpsons

Rex Banner from The Simpsons

  • Appearance: season 8 – episode 18.

  • Episode name: Homer against the eighteenth amendment.

  • Date of issue: March 16, 1997.

After the government’s decision to employ a new law that prohibits the sale of alcohol, Homer sets out to create his own beer illegally, but while attempts to carry out his alcohol smuggling, a detective named Rex Banner is going to be in charge of following all the clues to discover if Homer breaks the laws. The contrast of the two characters makes the episode very entertaining and funny, certainly another one that we will never forget.

Frank Grimes

The Simpsons

Frank Grimes from The Simpsons

  • Appearance: season 8 – episode 23.

  • Episode name: Homer’s enemy.

  • Date of issue: May 4, 1997.

It is an episode in which Mr. Burns hires Homer to work at the nuclear plant, but Frank Grimes (one of the workers), is the only one who cares and is irritated by Homer’s stupidity. Since he can’t stand it, he tries several times to prove that Homer really doesn’t deserve to work at that place, but unfortunately, when doing that he dies electrocuted in an unexpected way. Even though he is gone, he is a character that all fans will remember forever.

According to quever pageThese are the Simpsons characters that have stood out in his quick appearance of 1 chapter, although there are other characters based on Spanish youtubers who have also earned the appreciation of fans.

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