5 Big Rumors About 'Grand Theft Auto 6'

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5 Rumours about Grand Theft Auto 6


Craig Snow

, posted on 23 April 2020 / 4,131 Views

Come September it will have been seven long years since Grand Theft Auto V was released and for the game’s millions of fans worldwide the big question has been when will the next instalment be with us.

Unfortunately, the answer is perhaps one that not even Rockstar Games can tell us just yet, but the best guess seems to be that it won’t be until 2021 at the earliest. The company is notoriously secretive about every aspect of its operations, but that hasn’t prevented the rumour mill from really getting into gear about various aspects of the game. So here, in no particular order (and with absolutely no guarantee that any will turn out to be true!), are five of the most often repeated ones which we picked up from gamesradar.com amongst other sources.

One of the Main Protagonists will be Female

In the past, the principal characters have been male, with women hardly getting a look-in. The shift to a female protagonist is a move that has been hinted at in the past by Rockstar. One thing’s for sure, though, they’ll hope it will avoid the controversy that the makers of Doctor Who stirred up when Jodie Whittaker was cast as the thirteenth Doctor, as reported on cheatsheet.com.

The Casino Will be Bigger & Better Than Ever

The opening of the Diamond Resort & Casino in July 2019 was acknowledged as a great addition, so it’s sure to be built upon. Perhaps the developers will even look at real online sites like www.bonus.ca where potential players can discover the best joining bonuses on offer and include these kinds of incentives at the Diamond. There may even be the possibility of more than one casino operating in GTA 6, to reflect the choice that players receive in the online world. Todo sobre gatos, nombres de gatos y razas de gatos Blog sobre gatos

We’re Headed South of the Border

It’s thought that the hit Netflix show Narcos is proving to be a big influence on the storylines and that’s going to mean some of the action, at least, may be heading for Mexico. As a side-issue, this could also mean extensive use of subtitles.

The Story is Going to be in Chapters

From the narrative style of most Tarantino movies to a technique used in Red Dead Redemption 2, splitting the story into defined chapters is certainly a thing these days. So it’s a fair guess that this might also be under serious consideration.

There Will be Separate Criminal & Law Enforcement Storylines

Finally, word has got round that players will have the choice of following a life of crime in a sandbox-style empire building game or fighting on the side of law and order in a noirish thriller scenario. That may just tread on the toes of many who see it as forsaking GTA's traditional plotlines though.



So these are the key five rumours identified to date, along with others like the possibility of VR or AR also playing a part. But we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what Rockstar have up their sleeves when it’s eventually revealed to us.

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