6 Ways Kong Is Better Than Godzilla And 6 Ways He's Not

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In this corner, we have a giant ape, who in some interpretations gains strength from electricity (King Kong vs. Godzilla) and in some wields a radioactive axe (Godzilla vs Kong). But ultimately, he's still a giant ape. In the other corner, we have a literal god who possesses the power of an atomic bomb, whose body is a living nuclear reactor, who can fire a beam from his mouth hot enough to burrow a hole to the Earth's core, and who can vaporize a three-headed space dragon. 

Uh, who do you think would win? Well, in 1962, it was King Kong, albeit in controversial fashion, while in 2021, it was handily Godzilla. Kong gave it his best, but it was Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago, only if that fight happened in real life and not the world of Rocky IV. No, neither character could actually exist, but if they could, Godzilla would (probably) win. Scientists have even debated this topic, with some siding with King Kong, while others chose Godzilla. While we're confident that Godzilla would win nine times out of ten, there's only one way to be sure — Godzilla vs. Kong: Round 3!

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