8 Best Mods for Resident Evil Village




8 Best Mods for Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil modding community got rolling as soon as Resident Evil Village was released. Now with the game out and players looking to add some variety to their playthroughs, the list of mods for the game continues to grow.


The mods presented here will make your game not only look better, using a couple of extraordinary reshaders, but also give you some unique tools for twisting your gameplay experience into a totally different way.

If you wanted Resident Evil Village to look even scarier, then we’ve got you covered with these eight best mods.

Mod Manager and FOV Trainer

Before installing any of the mods, you need to get this Mod Manager first, which also includes a very useful FOV Trainer.

First person perspective isn’t exactly a new thing for Resident Evil franchise, but Capcom insists on making it as claustrophobic as possible, believing that it will make the game experience scarier.

But that’s not what most players want, and the FOV Trainer addition of this mod was created to make the visual experience of the game as open as possible with the widest field of view.

Get the mod here.

Samurai Edge Custom

Weapons play a huge part in RE: Village. This new custom mod replaces the default M1911 variant of a handgun with several much better custom pistols that have amazing new textures.

Clearly this is just a cosmetic mod, but it’s better to be looking at something more interesting than black metal when you spend so much time holding a weapon in your hand.

Here you get models with wooden grip and even 8K texture version.

Get the mod here.

PS4 Button Mod

Resident Evil: Village supports all sorts of gamepads, but if you’re using a PlayStation 4 or 5 controller or any USB controller that isn’t laid out like an Xbox controller, you may be in for some frustration as the game displays all controller button inputs as Xbox controller inputs.


This mod just swaps the game to display PlayStation 4 button inputs, rather than Xbox ones. Very useful for some players, not so much for those using Microsoft controllers!

Get the mod here. Muestras gratis y regalos

Count Theodora Mod

This eccentric mod has quickly become a real internet star. It replaces the face of Lady Dimitrescu with Thomas the Tank Engine from The Railway Series children’s books.

Obviously, there is nothing scary about Thomas, but once its applied in this context, RE: Village suddenly becomes the product of all your childhood nightmares combined with a healthy dose of dark humor.

Just don’t expect it to do the “choo-choo” sounds.

Get the mod here.

Resident Reshade Mod

Resident Evil Village looks really good, especially on PC with high graphics settings. But this mod can push the envelope even further with some really smart contrast, sharpening and color perception graphics tools.

The game will obtain more vibrancy and color, but at the same time it won’t take away the moody darkness of the game’s original setting.

Get the mod here.

Play as Alcina Dimitrescu Mod

Lady Dimitrescu is undoubtedly one of the most memorable villains in the history of the Resident Evil franchise.

Her design is truly unique and left many players wondering what it would be like to play as Alcina Dimitrescu. Well, here is a mod that provides you with this awesome opportunity.

The game perspective can be switched to a third person using the Free Camera mode, so you can make cool screenshots, while the gameplay will be handled as usually in the first person perspective.

Get the mod here.


HDR monitors are expensive, so having a mod that can successfully emulate the HDR screen is a real treat.

The picture here looks sharper and you get more details through a combination of various grahics effects. Of course, it’s just an emulation, which cannot be compared to the real HDR monitor, but this is as close as you’ll get on an ordinary SDR monitor.

Get the mod here

Ray Gun from COD Zombies Mod

Now, here’s a cool little moment for all the fans of the Cold War Zombies mode from the latest Call of Duty installment.

This mod replaces the default pistol with the Ray Gun wonder weapon. This is only a cosmetic mod, so the shooting still takes place in the usual way with bullets.

But if you like to see combined elements from different franchises, then this is definitely one of the more exciting ones.

Get the mod here.

These were the best mods for Resident Evil Village, and don’t forget to check out more Resident Evil Village tips and tricks articles.

Published May. 17th 2021

8 Best Mods for Resident Evil Village

Mod Manager and FOV TrainerSamurai Edge CustomPS4 Button ModCount Theodora ModResident Reshade ModPlay as Alcina Dimitrescu ModRE VIII HDR FX ModRay Gun from C






8 Best Mods for Resident Evil Village
8 Best Mods for Resident Evil Village