8 Games Like Club Penguin for Android




Here you could find a very nice list with the best Games Like Club Penguin for Android


Poptropica (Free)

Poptropica is a wonderful Educational MMORPG Virtual World Simulation by Pearson PLC. The game is aimed at Children of ages 6 to 15. It allows them to explore a massive game world, go to different quests, get themselves engaged in the most epic and fun-filled multiplayer environment and make new friends. In addition, it allows you to customize your character with the clothes of your choice. You can also apply various hairstyles and other makeup strategies to look cool, among others.

Animal Jam (Free)

Animal Jam is an MMO and a Fantasy based Virtual world video game by National Geographic Society. The basic purpose of this Educational game is to educate children and teens about different things. The game is set in the world of Jamaa and it allows the player to go through various ecological environments. Each and every environment is packed up with different collaborative facts, games, social engagements and virtual shops and settlements etc. You act in this beautiful game as an animal customizer who beautifies the animals with cool customizables, decorates and manages their living spaces and adopts more virtual pets. In short, this game is all about you taking care of the sweet virtual pets. so are you ready and up for the task? Animal jam offers beautiful game world, a secured and safe portal for all the age restricted audience, a great portal to interact with people from around the world and make new friends online.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a F2P (Free-to-play), Single-player and Multiplayer Social Simulation, developed and published by Nintendo for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The title continues the social simulations’ series that enable the player to interact with the residents of small town, engaging in commerce, performing small but challenging tasks, and decorate the houses. In the game, the player can customize his avatar and his living spaces as well as communities by trading materials and favors for decorative items and accessories. The player can decorate the town, collect materials like cotton and wood from the surrounding areas to trade for furniture. During the gameplay, the character of the player befriends with animal characters, who can visit the campsite of the player. The avatar of the player can travel to several locations like Saltwater Shores, Sunburst Island, and the Marketplace that sells avatar clothing and furniture. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp includes core features such as Craft Furniture, Explore the World, Host Animals, Make new Friends, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love it.

My Horse (Free)

My Horse is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Exploration, Breeding, and Simulation for kids and adults by NaturalMotionGames Ltd. It takes place in the fantasy-based world and includes hundreds of horses to play and enjoy. Through customization, you can create and personalize your own horse with different elements. The ultimate tasks it to care for your horse by treating, feeding and grooming it. There are eight different breeds to gather and care. Train your horse and take part in jumping events to show the abilities of your horse and win the competition to earn trophies. You are able to capture magical moments with your horse using camera features. Create your dream stable and invite your fellows to watch and visit your buddies’ stables to care their horses. You must keep your realistic horse happy and healthy to success. Train your horse to compete in a variety of challenging tournaments and collect exciting trophies. With detailed Environment, addictive gameplay, and Social elements, My Horse is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. Health Tips


Pony Town (Free)

Pony Town is a fantasy-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing and building video developed by Etysoft. The game revolves around creativity and social Interaction. The game takes place in a beautiful environment full of cute ponies. The game starts with the player selecting his character using various accessories and items and struggling to develop his/her friendships within the game with other players from all over the world to advance through the game. In the game, each player has a unique name and personality.

Boonie Planet (Free)

Boonie Planet is a MMORPG, Virtual World, and Fantasy video game developed and published by MovieStarPlanet ApS for Android and iOS. It offers the magical world full of adorable creatures known Boonies where the game takes place. During the gameplay, the player has to collect and upgrade his Boonies, teach them new tricks and take care of them by bathing, playing, caring. In the game, the player can create the family of Boonies, decorate their homes using a series of accessories and other items and can invite his friends to show off them. At the beginning of the game, the player can create his unique Boonie Avatar and can gather and raise his family of adorable creatures. He can chat with his friends in the chatrooms and struggle to keep his Boonies family happy. There are unique power-ups and skills available that the player can use to raise up his skills. Boonie Planet includes prominent features such as Collect all the Boonies, Chat with Friends, Raise the Boonies Family, Fantastic Universe, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.


Fantasy Forest Story (Free)

Fantasy Forest Story is an Adventure and Single-player Simulation developed and published by Storm8 Studios for Android. The game offers exciting gameplay takes place in the fantasy environment full of mythical creatures. It enables the player to find out a beautiful world of magical creatures in the game with an objective to breed animals and hatch their adorable cute babies like legendary Crystal unicorn. The player needs to uncover the secret to breeding the animals. The game introduces the leaderboards and rewards the player with prizes and rarest animals. The player can play through new quests to unlock exclusive animals in multiple events and can breed, fight, and gather more than three-hundred animals. He can challenge his creatures in the weekly tournament to win brilliant animals and must feed, raise and evolve from adorable babies into an adult. The world of the game is divided into nine regions, and the player will unlock new creatures to raise. Fantasy Forest Story includes prominent features such as Unique Animation, 9 Regions, Leaderboard, Community Prizes, Expand the Island, and more. Try it out, and you’ll love the game.

Dino Pets (Free)

Dino Pets is a Breeding, Building, Raising, MMO, and Fantasy Simulation developed and published by Miniclip.com. It takes place in the stunning world where dinosaurs and humans live together in peace. The world of the game filled with thousands of players around the globe. To get into the game world, you have to create your unique look, and you have to take care of the baby of dinosaurs and must watch how it grow and become the adult. Create the shelter for your dinosaur babies and decorate it with tons of decorations and accessories. The main goal is to keep the baby happy and healthy and collect experience points by completing the objective. You can buy decorations, new outfits, and other items using your XP points. Discover rare dinosaur breed by combining two or more dinosaurs together. Interact with other players, make new friends, visit their shelters, and play mini-games. Dino Pets offers core features such as Fifty Realistic Dinosaurs, Create House, Shops, Lots of mini-games, Share your Achievements on Facebook, challenging Quests, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

8 Games Like Club Penguin for Android

Poptropica (Free)Animal Jam (Free)Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free)My Horse (Free)Pony Town (Free)Boonie Planet (Free)Fantasy Forest Story (Free)Dino Pets (F






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