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Here you could find a very nice list with the best Games Like Tekken for iOS


Street Fighter X Tekken (Freemium)

Street Fighter X Tekken is a brilliant Action and Fighting video game. The game offers characters from both Street Fighter and Tekken Series and allows you to experience a wonderful combination of Classic Characters, their Skills and their unique abilities. Street Fighter X Tekken allows you to select any of the two characters, go challenge your opponents in Epic Duels and team-based encounters and engage yourself into intense fights, knock your opponents down and win the matches. Multiplayer mode of the game allows you to challenge any of the online players and win for glory, rewards and loads of amazing perks and abilities. With a single-player story mode, Multiplayer Support, amazingly fast-paced matches, great visuals and an immersive game-play, Street Fighter X Tekken is one of the best Action and Fighting video games to play and enjoy.

Shadow Fight 3 (Freemium)


Shadow Fight 3 is an action, role-playing, single-player, and multiplayer video game emphasizing fighting elements developed and published by Nekki. The game brings exciting characters with unique abilities and personalities for the players. It takes place in the world of shadow, where the player needs to select his character and participate in one-on-one matches against another character. There are three unique fighting styles and factions.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Freemium)

Injustice: Gods Among Us is an Action, Fighting, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by NetherREalm Studios. The game takes place in the stunning universe of Justice League and includes superheroes. To get into the game world you must select your superhero. Each character has its unique powers, skills, and abilities. In the game, you can use special attacks and different fighting styles and engage yourself in one-on-one combat to defeat your opponents. It has different stages based on the different environment such as Metropolis, DC Universe, Bat cave, and Fortress of Solitude including interactive areas. Use weapons, tools, unique powers and special abilities to deplete opponent and attack enemy using strong moves. Avoid attacks and maintain your health bar if your health bar goes empty you lose the match. Each stage consists of two levels and you must complete both levels to complete a stage. The game includes different superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Joker, and more. It offers the similar gameplay to Tekken series. With the best mechanics, fighting gameplay and stunning visuals, Injustice: Gods Among Us is the excellent game to play and enjoy.

Dark Meadow: The Pact (Freemium)

Dark Meadow: The Pact is an action-adventure fighting game developed and published by “Phosphor Games”. This super cool game is all set in a world of powerful combat and fights. Players fight to escape from the world of their own worst nightmares jam-packed with mystical beings bound to kill them. According to the story of the game, protagonist wakes up in a hospital with no knowledge of anything before he blacked out. The protagonist leaves the hospital and finds himself in a photo realistic world filled with all kinds of crazy, gory and frightful creatures. In close melee combats he the protagonist fights them off for his life using all the available resources like his sword, crossbow, fire, wood etc. Protagonist after defeating all the godforsaken creatures and the witch, finally leaves the world. “Dark Meadow: The Pact” features cool 3D graphics, well written storyline and an amazing game-play with an open world gaming environment. As an alternative to “Infinity Blade”, “Dark Meadow: The Pact” will be a great choice. You must try it out. “Dark Meadow: The Pact” is available to play on Android and iOS platforms.


Infinity Blade II (Freemium)

Infinity Blade II is an Action Role-playing, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed Chair Entertainment and published by Epic Games. The title serves as the sequel to Infinity Blade, released by the same developers. It offers the similar gameplay to its predecessor, where the player navigates the environment through an on-rails mechanic. The path of the player through the environment is hugely predetermined, and options of direction are limited. During the gameplay, the player can select the path to explore the environment through the castle that acts as the main aspect of the game. The main mechanics of the game is one-on-one sword combat with foes encountered through the path. The player controls the weapons of the character by swiping his finger around the screen. There are several stages, and the player has to complete each one by defeating the enemies to become the master. The gameplay becomes fast to play, as the player progresses through it. With addictive gameplay, superb mechanics, and stunning graphics, Infinity Blade II is the wonderful game to play. Armario escobero

Marvel Contest of Champions (Freemium)


Marvel Contest of Champions offers a unique combination of Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash elements and takes you to the Iso-Sphere where Ultron is closing in to attack. Your task is simply to gather up all of your finest warriors (Iron Man, Hulk, Storm, Wolverine, Star-Lord, Spiderman etc), defeat the mighty Ultron and stop it to reach Iso-Sphere or else there would be nothing to save. Marvel Contest of Champions offers a number of quests on which you can go and fight off the Thanos, kang the Conqueror along with a number of other villains. The multiplayer mode of the game allows you to make alliances with your friends, combine the warrior teams and go against the enemies with a doubled might, defeat your enemies and be an ultimate warrior. With a number of quests, multiple types of enemies, deadly encounters and a thrillingly fast-paced game-play plus the great story, Marvel Contest of Champions offers a truly great experience of Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash gaming. Do try it out.

Iron Snout (Freemium)

Iron Snout is an Action, Combo-based, and Single-player Fighting video game released by Snoutup Games. It offers action-packed and fast-paced gameplay and lets you control the protagonist who is a pig and puts you against different enemies on a variety of levels. Your primary goal is to perform plenty of action moves in the battle against wolf and take down them to score the highest points. Your character can punch, kick, slam, catch, uppercut, throw, etc. Learn new moves by defeating a set of enemies to enhance your abilities and immerse yourself in side-scroll fighting experience. To unlock other levels, you must collect enough points and gain experience. As you progress through the game, it becomes challenging and can face more powerful enemies. Iron Snout offers prominent features such as Touch Controls, Fight against foes using their Weapons and body Parts, charming Graphics, addictive Soundtracks, Fighting Combos, and more. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it.

Street Fighter (Freemium)


Who isn’t familiar with the names of Legendary Characters of Ken, Ryu, Chun Li, Blanka, and Dhalsim from the Legendary Street Fighter video games. Almost everybody have played a game from this fantastic series and the ones who have played any Street Fighter games, are fans for life. Talking about the Street Fighter video game, Street Fighter is a 1987’s fantastic hit Fighting Video game developed and published by the Legendary Japanese video game company Capcom. The game is very first installment of the globally popular video game series “Street Fighter” and it is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and various other gaming consoles. Street Fighter offers characters from various locations of the world such as Japan, U.S. China, Canada, Thailand and Brazil, etc. Throughout the game, Street Fighter offers a highly competitive and challenging gameplay in which it allows two players to fight against each other, blast the opponents with fantastic combinations of attacks and whoever depletes the opponent’s health bar, wins the game. It allows the players to play the game against each other or with the Game AI (Artificial Intelligence), keep on defeating the opponents and after winning, move to next round of the game. Just like the fighter characters, Street Fighter offers competitive matches on various locations of the game world and allows the players to defeat the opponents and enjoy the game. With a variety of characters, and their special fighting abilities, fighting styles and all the blasting action and thrill, Street Fighter is one of the best ever Fighting games till date and is known as the trend setter for this particular genre.

Shadow Fight 2 (Freemium)

Shadow Fight 2 is another marvel in the line of Action, RPG and Hack and Slash gaming. This amazingly addictive sequel to the popular Shadow Fight offers a remarkably immersive game-play in which you can select and customize an epic character, equip it with all the amazing weapons, armors, skills and stuff and go hunting your enemies and bosses big time. Use the lethal combinations of Sword fighting techniques, kicks, punches and slash your way through hordes of monsters and enemy warriors, engage yourselves into epic Melee combats and devastate your enemies with all the damaging and deadly blows of your weapons. Shadow Fight 2 offers six different worlds to explore and encounter different types of enemies, to collect epic loots and engage yourself into epic adrenaline-fueled combats. Shadow Fight 2 is the best ever combination of Action, RPG and Fighting aesthetics. Try it out as an alternative to Dungeon Hunters and it’ll amaze you with all the stuff it has to offer.

9 Games Like Tekken for iOS

Street Fighter X Tekken (Freemium)Shadow Fight 3 (Freemium)Injustice: Gods Among Us (Freemium)Dark Meadow: The Pact (Freemium)Infinity Blade II (Freemium)Marve






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