A Classic and Iconic Superman Villain Returned in Epic Form

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 A Classic and Iconic Superman Villain Returned in Epic Form

An Arrowverse tie-in comic will show the return of a character from Kingdome Come.

DC It contemplates a wide and innumerable gallery of villains throughout all the comics that it has been publishing, but there are some that are more important than others. In this regard, one of DC’s most classic and iconic villains is none other than Magog. Now, it is known that he will be granted a place within the continuity within the arrowverse through the series Earth-Prime.

An Arrowverse Tie-In Comic Will Show the Return of a Kingdome Come Character

This has been confirmed by DC itself, who announced that the infamous supervillain Magog will soon appear in series Earth-Primewhich takes place within arrowverse from The CW. Specifically, it is known that Magog will appear in the final issue of the series Earth-Prime which will have a total of six numbers. This is the synopsis of said number:

Across time and universes, Magog has been gathering strength to finally free humanity from its dependence on so-called heroes. In their eyes, all they do is cause pain and destruction everywhere they go, without solving problems or bringing peace to the world. Magog and their allies plan to change everything and help society unleash its full potential so they can live without them.

Magog was first introduced to readers of DC on Kingdom Come #1 of 1996 that was made by the writer Mark Waid and cartoonist Alex Ross. This character was considered one of the darkest he had ever had. DC until then. It was in his comic, in kingdom comewhen Magog decides to kill the Joker after the Batman villain murdered several of the Batman’s staff. DailyPlanet.

each number of Earth-Prime will include a kind of trailer that will indicate the way in which Magog will manipulate the events and facts in secret with the purpose of convincing other villains that they belong to the arrowverse to join their cause.

The comic Earth-Prime #6: Hero’s Twilight is co-written by Jeff Hersh and Thomas Pound and drawn by Will Robson.

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