A Guide to Herbs & Spices in New World

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  A Guide to Herbs & Spices in New World

Introduction to Herbs and Spices in New World

Herbs in New World a unique type of resource compared to other harvestable items as they also produce spices. You do not need any minimum skill to harvest herbs, so they are perfect to start harvesting right away. The special things about Herbs in New World is that beyond the main Hyssop they drop, they also have a generous chance to drop specific spices that are crucial for the cooking skill. To read more about cooking and the key recipes you might need spices for, check out our Complete New World Cooking Guide.

What Items Can You Get From Herbs in New World?

The following is the full list of Spices you can get from Herbs in New World. Remember that you will obtain 1-6 Hyssop depending on the size of the herb bush, and also you can obtain one of these spices.

You will notice that each spice is only available to be obtained in a certain 3 zones. Check out the table and search for the spice you are looking for. You will be presented with the game image as well as a list of 3 zones. You will need to harvest Herbs in one of those 3 zones for your chance to obtain the spices. Lucky for you, the chance is actually quite high!


Spice NameImageZones To Harvest Herbs In
BasilEverfall, Brimstone Sands (Not Yet Released), Brightwood
ThymeWindsward, Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater
OreganoMonarch’s Bluffs, Shattered Mountain, Restless Shore
DillFirst Light, Edengrove, Mourningdale
ParsleyCutlass Keys, Mourningdale, Edengrove
RosemaryWeaver’s Fen, Restless Shore, Great Cleave
TarragonBrightwood, Reekwater, Brimstone Sands (Not Released Yet)
SageReekwater, Brightwood, Everfall
MintRestless Shore, Weaver’s Fen, Windsward
PeppercornMourningdale, Cutlass Keys, Monarch’s Bluffs
CinnamonEdengrove, First Light, Cutlass Keys
NutmegGreat Cleave, First Light, Weaver’s Fen
PaprikaShattered Mountain, Monarch’s Bluffs, Brightwood
GingerEbonscale Reach, Windsward, Reekwater
GarlicBrimstone Sands (Not Released), Everfall, Great Cleave
SaffronBrightwood, First Light, Mourningdale

Best Herb Locations in New World

In this section we will go through each and every zone to show the best places you can farm Herbs. Each section will show the zone name, and outline specific areas you can focus on if you want to mass farm herbs and spices. Remember to always pick up herbs as you go, as the spices you can get from them don’t weigh too much and are very needed for the cooking profession. matureleg1.1blogs.es

First Light Best Herb Locations New World

First Light has excellent Herb farming just north of First Light Town. You can farm Hyssop, Dill, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Saffron in New World at First Light. Follow the path below for the best farming location.

first light herb locations

Cutlass Keys Best Herb Locations New World

Go to Cutlass Keys for Hyssop, Parsley, Peppercorn and Cinnamon in New World. Here is a suggest path to follow to create a nice circuit of Herb farming in Western Cutlass Keys.

cutlass keys herb locations

Monarch’s Bluffs Best Herb Locations New World

Monarch’s Bluffs has a great Herb farming location to get Oregano, Peppercorn, and Paprika. If you are looking for these spices, Monarch’s Bluffs is the best place to farm these in New World. You can cross over into Windsward territory as well for a double-region farm.

monarch's bluffs herb locations

Windsward Best Herb Locations in New World

Go to Windward to farm Hyssop and spices of Thyme, Mint, and Ginger in New World. There are two excellent gathering locations for Herbs here in Windsward. You can go to the south-east portion of the region for the most Herb spawn points. You can also go to the west if you want to take advantage of the double-region circuit we mentioned above in the Monarch’s Bluffs section.

windsward herb locations

Everfall Best Herb Locations New World

In Everfall you can farm Hyssop, Basil, Sage, and Garlic in New World. Everfall is not the best region to farm Herbs, as it only has 2 general areas with Herbs in them and they are quite far apart. Generally it will probably be easier to go to other regions to farm Spices and Hyssop. However, since this is a full guide, we will show the spots anyway.

everfall herbs locations

Reekwater Best Herbs Locations New World

In Reekwater you can obtain Hyssop, Thyme, Tarragon, Sage, and Ginger. Reekwater is another region where it really is not an efficient place to farm Herbs. Nevertheless, you technically can obtain these spices here, even though there are only 4 spawn nodes for Herbs in Reekwater.

reekwater herbs locations

Ebonscale Reach Best Herbs Location New World

Ebonscale Reach is the absolute GOAT of all herb farming locations in New World. The amount of Herbs in this region is astounding and makes it the best place to farm Herbs. You can find Hyssop, Thyme, and Ginger in Ebonscale Reach. No need to draw the lines for you here on this one, it is pretty clear all you will need to do it head north-east and farm away!

ebonscale reach herb locations

Restless Shore Best Locations for Herbs in New World

In Restless Shore you can find Hyssop, Oregano, Rosemary, and Mint. The best place to farm these are simply in the northern area of the region. You can do a nice circuit to clear most of the spawn points.

restless shores herbs locations

Brightwood Herb Spawn Locations in New World

Brightwood again has a very small amount of Herb locations, but there are 4 tightly knit together you can check out.

brightwood herb locations new world

Remaining Locations For Herbs

There are a few regions we did not cover in this guide. These regions either have no herb spawns at all, or they only have a very few amount and it is really not worth looking for herbs in these regions.

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