A hack with Minecraft potions allows you to have X-ray vision

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  A hack with Minecraft potions allows you to have X-ray vision

A new way to play in Minecraft.

With a decade behind him, one is amazed every day more by the enormous growth that he has had Minecraft in recent years, thus giving rise to its own merits becoming the best-selling video game in historyas well as, for logical reasons, one of the most played, which causes keep getting new content in the form of updates.

Under this premise, at this point in the film, it is logical to think that little you can keep adding to minecraft, in such a way that the limit of the game will end up reaching at some point. However, it seems that that day is still far away, since the Skip the Tutotiral channel has identified a trick which allows x-rays.

You can see through walls with this Minecraft hack

As you can see at minute 7:15 of the video that I leave you for these lines, Skip the Tutorial has revealed that with a potion it is possible to see through wallssince it will be necessary to drink it, increase the FOV and increase the view in the Quake Pro options, thus acquiring these very particular X-rays.

As you can see, this is achieved by increasing the field of vision, so that the camera can go through the wall, being able to see what is on the other side and thus allowing us to find holes and other hidden elements. It is for all these reasons that the enormous potential of Minecraft when it comes to presenting new mechanics cannot be doubted. XIAOMI MI PAY ¿ Qué es y cómo puedo desactivarla ?

For the rest, it should be noted that the enormous potential of Minecraft is far from reaching its ceiling, since we have recently been able to see a player building a pyramid in survival mode, as well as a recreation of the Minas Morgul from El Señor de los Rings.

Having said all this, it only remains to point out that Minecraft is available for most consoles and on PCas well as for different smartphones, being one of the video games that has the most versions on the market today.

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