A Minecraft Player Recreates An Elden Ring Location And It’s Brutal

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The only thing missing is that inside there is a boss with a cane and very bad temper.

One month after its release, Elden Ring is still a phenomenon, bringing together thousands of players to explore the Middle Lands and battle fearsome bosses in the latest adventure from Miyazaki and the team at FromSoftware. It will not only set a chair in making an open world with freedom of action, it is also a whole artistic design masterclass of a fantasy world that exudes personality. Elden Ring fever has spread to Minecraftwhere an amateur has tried to recreate one of the locations in the game with an incredible finish.

Specifically, This is the Elden Ring Stormshroud Castle., on steep terrain and ocher-colored trees reminiscent of the Necrolimbo region. This u/3exu build shared via Reddit has a level of detail that is hard to believe. The perspective game makes it really look like an illustration instead of a Minecraft construction made out of cubes.

Aside from how accomplished the aesthetic is thanks to those shaders and lighting, the design of the terrain and the castle is really well done. Any Elden Ring player could identify Stormshroud Castle here, towers on it and all. The same with the aesthetic between yellow and green of the Necrolimbo, the first zone of the Elden Ring.

From niche to best seller

In just a couple of weeks, Elden Ring sold a whopping 12 million copies, a milestone for the Souls saga that positions it as one of the biggest releases in recent years.

Elden Ring has this reference to Berserk that you may have missed

Don’t miss our Elden Ring review to find out all the details of this open world RPG with a huge map to explore and dozens of bosses that will make you sweat. Bosses that do not keep any hidden reference to George RR Martin, clarifies the Game of Thrones writer.

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