A Red Dead Online player perfectly recreates one of the characters from Better Call Saul

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  A Red Dead Online player perfectly recreates one of the characters from Better Call Saul

After the end of the series, it seems that the character of Lalo Salamanca has found a new job.

A Red Dead Online player perfectly recreates one of the characters from Better Call Saul 08/21/2022 18:00

Today we can see how there are different sagas, licenses and franchises that mark a before and afterbeing so that in the world of video games we can count on titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, at the same time that in fiction one of the great works of recent years has been Better Call Saula series that has recently finished its last season with the corresponding repercussion that this has.

Under this same premise, at first it might seem that there is nothing that unites the two licenses, but the truth is that a user has achieved it, since thanks to the character editor we have been able to see what one of the Better Call Saul characters would be like in the open world set in the Old West of Red Dead Redemption 2, or rather Red Dead Online. And we are talking about Lalo Salamanca.

Lalo Salamanca from Better Call Saul comes to Red Dead Online thanks to the character editor

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Under this premise, it should be noted that this has been the work of the YouTube channel known as SoloSoyYoAlv, in which they have been in charge of editing the Red Dead Online character so that Lalo Salamanca, the character played by Tony Dalton in the spin-off of Breaking Bad and that fulfills the function of antagonist in it, being the direct rival of Saul Goodman and Gus Fring.

In this way, those of you who are fans of the series will be able to see how the character of Lalo Salamanca has been perfectly recreated by this user, including here the characteristic mustache of the protagonist. You can see this recreation below, noting that in the same video a moment from the series is recreated that is a major spoiler:

For the rest, it must be said that Red Dead Online has two poorly counted newscasts left, resulting in the fact that the title already you will not receive any more updatesso if you’re a fan, take advantage while the servers are open.

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