Acclaimed Sci-Fi Adventure Beautiful Desolation Is Hitting PS4

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Acclaimed Sci-Fi Adventure Beautiful Desolation Is Hitting PS4

Untold Tales has super-glued a May 28 release date to the digital PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of its critically praised sci-fi adventure game Beautiful Desolation.

Beautiful Desolation was developed by The Brotherhood, a two-person studio, originally launched for the PC back in 2020, scooping up multiple accolades in the process. The PS4 and Switch versions have been revamped to accommodate full controller support.

The game takes place in an alternate-reality South Africa in the future, which has been dominated by advanced alien technology. Players will explore villages, crumbling cities, mutated forests presented in vibrant 2D isometric art, while solving puzzles and make key choices.

Players will encounter over 40 unique characters brought to life by authentic African voice actors, with thousands of lines of dialogue and multiple conversation options available to shape your adventure.

Beautiful Desolation features a soundtrack by Mick Gordon, the renowned composer who provided the score for the likes of DOOM, Prey and Wolfenstein.

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Beautiful Desolation is due out on PS4 on May 28, 2021.

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