advance, preview with gaming experience, date and price on iOS, Android and PC

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  advance, preview with gaming experience, date and price on iOS, Android and PC

When Blizzard announced that it had in hand a new video game called Diablo Immortal, a new installment of the saga destined for mobiles, I was not very clear what to expect about it. On the one hand, it made me want to try it, but on the other hand, playing a title from the saga on a device of this type didn’t really convince me. As a lot I play Pokémon GO daily and on rare occasions I have played a game of League of Legends: Wild Rift, but nothing more.

I don’t feel too comfortable playing anything with a mobile in a horizontal position, but I can’t deny that Devil is one of my favorite sagas, so I couldn’t ignore the fact of giving this new adventure that was released just a few days ago a chance. Plus, anyone can give it a try because it’s free-to-play.

While is true that Devil Immortal is available for PC, my first impressions have focused solely on the mobile version, specifically Android. More than anything because it is the original version, since the one that has been published on computers is nothing more than an open beta. So, after dedicating a good handful of hours to it, I proceed to tell you how my trip through Sanctuary has been.

Time to save Sanctuary, once again, from the evil that lurks

Devil Immortal Advance 04

The plot of this new adventure places us at a time between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. It seemed that the world could live peacefully after the annihilation of Diablo, but the fragments of the Worldstone they still roam everywhere, capable of bringing back the fearsome Lord of Terror if they end up falling into the wrong hands. So, we will have to avoid by all possible means that this happens.

This will take us through numerous areas where we will run into demonic creatures and other powerful infernal beings that we will have to crush if we want to seize the stones to destroy them once and for all. The road will not be easy, but at least we will have on our side totally new characters and other faces that will be very familiar to fans of the series.

The main missions will not be particularly long, which is very good to grab the mobile at any time, play for a while and resume the progress at exactly the same point where we left off. What’s more, if someone wants to go from one version to another, they can without problems because the game is stored in the account.

Devil Immortal Advance 05

The tasks to be fulfilled is not something new in the saga, because it is practically the usual objective, to go to a certain point, take out all the enemies that appear along the way and usually eliminate a miniboss or a more devastating final boss. In spite of everything, the plot is very well carried out and is very interesting, with subtitles in Spanish, although the voices are in English.

In any case, both the main and secondary missions are nothing more than a mere excuse to move forward, improve our character and level up little by little. This will allow us gain new skills that will be unlocked or upgraded as you gowhich, together with the pieces of equipment, comes in handy so that everyone can customize their character as they want, but it is also true that a little more depth is missing in this regard, especially in statistics, compared to Devil II. Blog sobre Historia del derecho en particular y derecho en general Historia del derecho

This is all I ask for the future Diablo 4 to return to the path of the award-winning Diablo II

The pleasant surprise that I have had when playing a Devil on a mobile

It doesn’t matter that the game is also available for PC, because at all times it is clear that Devil Immortal It has been developed for mobiles, especially for its interface. As I mentioned at the beginning, I had some reservations about playing this way in case it was uncomfortable, but the truth is that it took practically no time to get used to it and get fully into the action.

Devil Immortal Advance 02

The controls are the most intuitive when moving from one side to another with the left hand, while the right hand is used to unleash any of our characters’ abilities, with a basic one that we can use constantly and four others with their respective cooldowns. Everything is perfectly marked so as not to lose sight of a single detail of what is happening on the screen.

Also, something that has also surprised me for good is that it runs very smoothly. I haven’t noticed any type of hitch or any negative aspect in its performance that is worth highlighting, so that is appreciated in a title of this type with such frenetic action and, by the way, very similar to that of Devil III. There have even been times that if they had told me that it is a mobile version of this third installment, I would have believed it.

Another reason why its performance has surprised me for the better is the fact that the scenarios are open world. This means that the games will not be limited to a certain number of players, since it is necessary to choose the server on which we want to play, where we will meet other people going from one place to another, fighting, fulfilling missions, talking to each other, etc., which undoubtedly comes in handy to join forces or not feel alone in this ruthless world.

Devil Immortal Advance 03

We will appreciate all this especially in the main cities that will function as the area of ​​operations, where we will have all kinds of stores at our disposal to recycle pieces of equipment, set gems and make our character more prepared to face the tough battles that will have ahead. In this sense, in everything I have played I have not needed to go to the cash register at any time to acquire items that could help me so as not to be in too much of a hurry.

I recognize that I still have a long way to go until I reach the end of Devil Immortal and face that end-game so extremely criticized by the community for its monetization system. Maybe by then my opinion of the game changes completely, but the first bars have left me with fantastic sensationsmuch better than I expected, and with the joy of knowing that I will be able to play a new Devilthe most entertaining and fun, in the palm of my hand whenever and wherever I want.

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