all bonuses and discounts until August 24, 2022

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  all bonuses and discounts until August 24, 2022

When you connect to GTA Online during these days, you may wonder how you can entertain yourself in Los Saltos. Well, in the following guide you have the answer, because we are going to tell you about all the bonuses, discounts, special game modes and places where you will have to go until August 24.

All bonuses and discounts until August 24, 2022

Podium Vehicle

Gta Online Guide 05

At The Diamond Casino & Resort you will have to check one more week if luck is on your side in the Wheel of Fortune, which will allow you to take dollars, clothes, food or even the podium vehicle: the Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic.

Items to get for free

Gta Online Vapid Retinue

Between the rewards to unlock for free this week there is a huge amount of dollars, some flip flops, some helmets and even a car. In this couple of guides we tell you how to do it all:

Special vehicles in dealerships

Gta Online Guide 02

There are a couple of dealerships where you can take a look at a few special vehicles available for you to try or buy at the Simeon Premium Luxury Car Dealer:

  • Declasse Impaler

  • Karin Sultan Classic

  • vapid speedo

  • Vulcar Fagaloa

  • weeny dynasty

And if you stop by the Luxury Autos dealership you will find that the Ocelot Pariah has been reduced in price by 50%, while the Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8 will be on display in the window.

Exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series Bonuses

Gta Online Guide 03

Those who have versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will enjoy these benefits available at Hao’s Special Works:

  • time trial: This week’s race will challenge you to set the best possible time on the route from the Ron Alternates Wind Farm to the Elysian Island Industrial Estate.

  • test vehicle: this time you can get behind the wheel of the Übermacht Sentinel XS capable of instilling terror wherever it goes.

Special rewards and bonuses

Gta Online Guide 04

There are certain activities that cannot be ignored because thanks to them you will get very succulent rewards, including more money and reputation points than normalso be very careful:

  • Land and air races: It’s time to put the pedal to the metal, because in all these races you will receive double dollars and reputation points, regardless of what happens.

  • SOS in Los Santos and Blaine County: A smuggling plane is said to have issued a distress call, so it’s time to scavenge its wreckage for any loot and caches from the smuggler.


Gta Online Guide 06 GOD OF WAR 4 Pelicula Completa Español HD 1080p

Ocelot Pariah

Those who want to set up their own biker club can take advantage of a 40% discount at these venues, as well as a 50% discount at local clothing stores and a few discounts on these vehicles:



Original price

discount price

Benefactor Glendale

Declasse Impaler

Karin Sultan Classic

Ocelot Pariah

Pegassi Vortex

Willard Faction Custom



















Bonuses with Prime Gaming

Finally, all subscribers of Prime Gaming Those who have linked their account with the Rockstar Games Social Club will get $125,000 for free when they connect to the game at any time of the week.

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