All The Marvel Characters Who've Ever Defeated Thanos

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You know how Thanos is in love with Death, but she always spurns his advances? Well, part of the reason for that is she's got a little thing going on with a Canadian side piece: Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool. See, while Deadpool's healing factor repairs his body every time, his tendency to get shot in the face means he actually dies, and his brief trips to the afterlife have gotten him into a long-distance relationship with Death.

Needless to say, Thanos does not enjoy being in the Friend Who Sometimes Murders Half The Universe Zone. When Death was kidnapped, preventing anyone in the universe from actually dying, Deadpool and Thanos were forced to team up, with Thanos reluctantly agreeing that Deadpool was the only one she was willing to communicate with. In the end, though, it was all a plot to let the whole universe be destroyed, leading to a once-and-for-all breakup between Death and 'Pool when he turned on Thanos to prevent it.

Deadpool was, obviously, pretty outmatched, but as usual, an obscure piece of the Marvel Universe came to his aid: the Uni-Power, a sort of cosmic self-preservation reflex the universe employs when it's threatened that can turn anyone into a superhero called Captain Universe. As "Captain Uni-Pool," he was able to make short work of Thanos, literally disintegrating him in the space between dimensions ... for a while, anyway.

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