All The Upcoming MMOs We Just Can't Wait To Get Lost In

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To say that MMOs are a massive timesink would be a bit of an understatement. Given how much time you have to invest in one of these games to truly be able to properly get into them, it’s understandable that there are many players who feel too daunted to even try. But there’s a massive playerbase out there that lives for this stuff, and for that playerbase, there’s quite a bit to look forward to. Here, we’re going to talk about fifteen MMOs coming in 2021 and beyond that you should keep your eye on.


New World_02

Amazon are an unproven entity in the games industry right now, and last year’s Crucible didn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence, but with New World, it definitely feels like they might be onto something. Action-oriented combat, an interesting setting, a focus on PvP, and large scale battles, New World definitely has the potential to grab the attention of large numbers of people right out the gate.

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