Alone in the Dark, South Park, Outcast 2 and more

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  Alone in the Dark, South Park, Outcast 2 and more

THQ Nordic has decided to unleash its heavy artillery and get ahead of Gamescom 2022 with a Digital Showcase in which none other than 14 games have been shown. A summer event whose star surprise jumped ahead of time. Of course, not every day one comes across the return of a saga of the openwork of Alone in the Dark.

Seen with perspective, the reading of the THQ Nordic 2022 Digital Showcase is clear: the absolute priority of the company is the PC and new generation consoles; although there is scope to see a handful of titles for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For its part, we can expect a lot and everything: from driving to strategy, through Survival Horror and fighting.

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The bad new? Only two of the announced games are dated. Of course, both will come out this month. Because the dual purpose of THQ Nordic was to give a special push to Way of the Hunter and the sequel to Destroy All Humans! before its release. Which does not remove a dozen titles that are not exactly filler.

The digital event, presented by Elle Osili-Wood and Richard Kiess, brought back key sagas and even anticipated the return to video games of two high-caliber animated series. And, not to lose the customs, in Extra Life We have gathered all the trailers and announcements of the digital event in one place.

Next, all the announcements of the THQ Nordic 2022 Digital Showcase with their respective advances, the studies involved in each development and, of course, the platforms on which they will be available.

Alone in the Dark

  • Developed By: Pieces Interactive

  • Systems: PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5

It’s Official: The Saga Alone in the Dark will return to next-gen PCs and consoles. The plan is to offer an updated reimagining of the original trilogy.

A full reboot? His cover letter is not as advanced as that revolutionary Survival Horror, but definitely the new Alone in the Dark he will not settle for giving small substitutes to the player.

Tempest Rising

  • Developed By: Slipgate Ironworks

  • Systems: PC

What happens when you mix real-time strategy and the characteristic apocalyptic touch of 3D Realms in their games? The result is Tempest Rising, a tribute to the RTS games of the 90s and 2000s that takes us to a twisted reality in which the Earth remains in pieces after a nuclear war. Lost to the river!

space for sale

  • Developed By: Mirage Game Studios

  • Systems: PC

Making a video game in which we are put in the shoes of an intergalactic real estate developer is crazy, but we must recognize that the way in which Space for Sale presents it to us knows how to arouse interest: we will have to accommodate different landscapes on multiple planets to somewhat capricious alien customers. A perfect challenge for those passionate about science fiction.


  • Developed By: Three Fields Entertainment

  • Systems: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC

The team responsible for sagas like Burnout and Need for Speed ​​continue to bet on taking driving beyond the conventional. In Wreckreation we will have access to a sandbox with 400 square kilometers waiting to be squeezed to the maximum based on building, running for free or competing against other players. A plan.


  • Developed By: Alchemy Interactive

  • Systems: PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5

The Barcelona studio Alchemy Interactive gives new life to Gothic, the classic German fantasy RPG published in 2001, with a remake that promises to offer a complete and faithful reissue of the original with a modernized combat system and a completely renewed technical and artistic section.

Although we knew about the project before the THQ Nordic Showcase, the new trailer focuses on a mining exploration that, by the way, will recall Peter Jackson’s vision of Tolkien’s work.

Jagged Alliance 3

  • Developed By: Haemimont Games

  • Systems: PC

We don’t know to what extent you were aware of the existence of the Jagged Alliance saga or were aware of its third installment, but THQ did not want to be less in a very sweet year for fans of tactical RPGs. However, we have to wait until we set a date. Will it arrive before 2023? lince ibérico características

Outcast 2 – A New Beginning

  • Developed By: Appeal Studios

  • Systems: PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5

We were counting on the release of the sequel to the 1999 cult classic coming to next-gen PCs and systems this very year. THQ Nordic did not miss the opportunity to show it in motion, and it did well: its action and RPG proposal in the third person dazzles those of us who played the original. However, its release date was conspicuous by its absence.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

  • Developed By: Purple Lamp

  • Systems: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

SpongeBob is everywhere, and the truth is that he has his own legacy in video games. His next adventure: SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shakean exquisitely classic 3D platformer assembled to appeal to children and not so children.

AEW: Fight Forever

  • Developed By: Yuke’s Co., LTD

  • Systems: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC and Nintendo Switch

THQ Nordic intends to eat the toast of the WWE video game saga with its own wrestling alternative: AEW: Fight Forever. For now, three things to keep in mind: it has the All Elite Wrestling license, YUKE’s is behind the game and it will be released on absolutely all systems. When? That is the question.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

  • Developed By: Black Sea Games

  • Systems: PC

No list of PC-first games is complete without a traditional strategy experience. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign It loosely covers this aspect, betting on a concept that is always welcome: the grand strategy accessible in real time.

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Failed

  • Developed By: Black Forest Games

  • Date: August 30

  • Systems: PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Failed, THQ Nordic’s proposed invasion and conquest by force of our own planet could not be missing from its Digital Showcase just over two weeks after its launch. Destruction galore, an irremediable collision between two alien species, and the always-welcome option to play split-screen co-op.

Way of the Hunter

  • Developed By: Nine Rocks Games

  • Release date: August 16

  • Systems: PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

the launch of Destroy All Humans! 2 – Failed appears, but the Way of the Hunter is about to drop: Nine Rocks Games’ open-world hunting game is due out on August 16. What better opportunity to offer a final comprehensive review of your game proposal?

Stuntfest – World Tour

  • Developed By: Pow Wow Entertainment

  • Systems: PC

Frenetic driving with a touch of acrobatics and an ejection seat mechanic that makes it even more exciting. Pow Wow Entertainment has set out to bring together nearly 20 players per game to goof around and enjoy exploring, experimenting, and competing in Stuntfest – World Tour. And watch out, the game’s closed beta is just around the corner.


  • Developed By: KiteGames

  • Systems: PC

Real-time strategy has had a huge presence at the event, and Valiant It is the last of the proposals presented in its Digital Showcase. The premise? put ourselves in the shoes of Theoderich von Akenburg, a crusader cured of fright by the cruelty of war and who will begin a new journey through Europe and the Middle East of the thirteenth century to find some relics. It will depend on us that he does not get lost along the way.

… And one more thing

South Park THQ

The brooch of THQ Nordic 2022 Digital Showcase an additional surprise was kept: in addition to confirming that there are 43 titles in development, we have been told that 25 of them have not yet been officially announced. Removing the 14 shown and those that remained in the pipeline, there was room for one last announcement: a video game is being developed in which the digital animation studios of South Park. Unfortunately, the trailer concluded with a logo, without a title, date, or an official game image. Will have to wait a little longer.

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Alone in the Dark, South Park, Outcast 2 and more

THQ Nordic has decided to unleash its heavy artillery and get ahead of Gamescom 2022 with a Digital Showcase in which none other than 14 games have been shown.




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Alone in the Dark, South Park, Outcast 2 and more


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