Alternate Game Endings Most Players Will Never Even See

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The latest — and perhaps greatest — installment of God of War features Kratos beating his way through a brand new pantheon of gods and goddesses. While playing, you may have had to brush up on your Norse mythology, considering that you don't take on the most obvious names in the lore. There are no Loki, Odin, or Thor boss fights. Yet.

However, if you beat the game, then you can choose to head home and have Kratos and Atreus sleep in their shabby beds. If you do, then the screen darkens and reads, "Years later..."

Thunder rumbles and lightning rips open the roof. Running outside, Kratos and Atreus find an imposing figure standing in the storm. Whipping back his cloak, the mysterious man reveals a familiar weapon: a hammer, alive with lightning. The fight we've all been waiting for has arrived. Thor is likely out for vengeance for his two sons, Magni and Modi, who died by the player's axe (and Atreus' knife) earlier in the game.

Before the fight can start, the screen blackens, bringing players back to "Present Day." The cutscene was apparently all just a dream, but when Atreus tells his father about it, he says that it felt more like a premonition. Fans have speculated that this hints at a possible sequel game or future DLC content.

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