Amazing Shadowlands Cosplay Weapons Built By The Pros

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In preparation for today’s launch of Shadowlands, Blizzard got professional prop makers and cosplayers Hench and Scrap Foundry in Australia to make them some of the weapons that players will be collecting this expansion. There is one weapon from each of the four Covenants. There’s a giant mace from the Kyrians, a staff fit for Kel’Thuzad from the Necrolords, a gargoyle-embossed sword and shield from the Venthyr, and a bow for the Night Fae. They all look outstanding!

There are so many little touches on each of the different weapons it’s hard to choose just one as a favorite. The Venthyr sword and shield has actual moving Anima in it! They built-in liquid cooling lines to cycle colored water through the main section of the shield. That must’ve taken some really good troubleshooting before actually installing it. The Night Fae bow looks like it was hewn from actual magical trees, almost entirely because of how much work has to have gone into running all of those different fiber-optic lines to give it the shimmery magical look.

For the Necrolords the jewel on the top of the staff rotates, and the runes on the banners light up. While both it and the Bastion mace have smoke machines built into the weapons to really help drive home that you’re holding a magical artifact.

I imagine that holding any one of these weapons probably makes you feel like you’re ready to go storm Castle Nathria’s gates in real life.

Hench and Scrap is a collaboration of two professional prop makers and cosplayers, Henchwench and ScrapshopProps. Looking through some of the things that they’ve made before is astounding! So many different amazing cosplays and weapons. Even quite a few other Blizzard-related projects like this Protoss Zealot blade from StarCraft.

I love seeing how different cosplayers make their gear. Especially now that so many things are being built with built-in lighting and smoke effects. I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing new tricks that the cosplaying community comes up with to make their costumes stand out!


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