Among Us Will Launch for PlayStation and Xbox “Later Than Intended”, but Still in 2021

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 Among Us Will Launch for PlayStation and Xbox “Later Than Intended”, but Still in 2021

Among Us

Among Us has maintained impressive momentum since its sudden explosion of popularity last year, and when it launched for the Nintendo Switch in late 2020, it added even more players to its ever-growing community. PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One versions of the social deduction title have also been announced for some time, with planned 2021 launches- but 2021 is coming to an end soon, so when exactly can we expect them?

In a recent blog update, Innersloth’s community director Victoria Tran assured that Among Us is still coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2021- though it will launch a little later than originally planned.

“We’re still on track for console release this year, albeit later than we originally intended,” she wrote. “Because this next update is more than just a simple patch and will introduce (hopefully) two big changes to the game, making sure they’re up to snuff and compatible across ALL platforms – PC, mobile, console – means there are way more blockers coming for us.”

Tran explained Innersloth’s plan originally was to launch the game for consoles some time in September, but decided to delay it so they could ensure a certain level of quality.

“Our ideal release date was in September, but we ended up moving it because we didn’t want anyone who picked up the game on Xbox or PlayStation to have a suboptimal experience and roadblocks were thrown our way.”

So when exactly is it coming? Well, we know it’s coming some time this year, but Tran says a specific release until the developer is “100% sure” about sharing that information. Hopefully it won’t be too long- either way, stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated.