An X-Men comes back to life in the form of a sinister villain

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  An X-Men comes back to life in the form of a sinister villain

The X-Men gain a new android-like villain.

Wolverine, Laura Kinney, Scout and Daken can feel proud that they were able to save Krakoa from an uncertain fate at the hands of Wolverine infected by phalanx after the final end of X Deaths of Wolverine. However, a new threat was discovered that emerges at the end of the issue and is about to take the X Men to a future even darker than ever before.

The X-Men Earn a New Android-Looking Villain


In the fifth issue of X Deaths of Wolverine #5, Moira MacTaggert she may be facing her own death after being stabbed in the chest by Omega Wolverine. While it is true that it seems that the character no longer has access to her healing powers and her death seems unstoppable, MacTaggert she is not ready to leave the world. That is why after her apparent death, MacTaggert rises from a grave with a new cybernetic body and a hatred directed towards the X Men which seems to be incalculable.

His new appearance shouldn’t be strange to Marvel readers since MacTaggert requested help before Arnab Chakladar in a series of projects linked to science and cybernetics that could discover the secrets of immortality. Since ever MacTaggert he wanted to possess immortality and with his new body that gives him an android style he seems to have fulfilled his purpose. The extent of her new powers is not yet known, but the villain has confirmed that she feels more like an artificial intelligence.

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