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  Andalusian not: ‘Andalûh’

open Minecraft —one of the best-selling video games in history— and you will find among the language options, behind the Spanish of Uruguay and that of Venezuela, Andalûh (Andaluçia). This alternative is the work of AndaluGeeks, a collective that disseminates, through digital platforms, EPA spelling: Êttandâ pal andalûh. At the moment, they have also versioned video games in Andalusian rayman Y wordle, and Wikipedia. For some, it is a question of justice. For others, terrorism against Castilian.

The accents with hats and the aspirated axes are the backbone of the lyrics of the group Califato ¾: “With my little hand in my mouth, I’ll hurt you even if I die, bamô to such a lehô lugâh, that nobody will speak our language”, they sing in their last single, Lô amantê de Çan Pablo. The same thing happens with the songs of Carmen Xía and with those of Ángela Varo. And with the poems of María Margo No girl (2020). For Ígor Rodríguez-Iglesias, professor of Linguistics at the Autonomous University of Madrid and coordinator of the Discourse and Justice Commission of EDiSo (Discourse and Society Studies), the EPA helps to reflect the way of being and being of the Andalusian people: “ If I want to write the pasodoble of the Cádiz festival —a literary genre and a philosophical reflection, not a minor genre— to reflect exactly what is being said, Spanish falls short for me”.

The orthographic proposal has its origins in 2018, when Huan Porrah translated into Andalusian The little Prince. A few months later the collective was born You are the little Andalusian prince. Linguists, translators and historians came together to create and promote a set of orthographic rules for all Andalusian linguistic varieties, from the Sierra de Cazorla to the Strait of Cádiz, with the aim of giving Andalusian “the prestige and respect that has been seen devoid for so long.” NOIS Nicotine Pouches Review – Nicotine Pouch Guide

The premise is that there is no more powerful way to give prestige to a language than to write it. Since most of the time we no longer write on paper, but on screens, AndaluGeeks is born, also in 2018. A group of volunteers who, in addition to games, have developed a transcriber —which has already been used by more than 50,000 people—, a virtual keyboard for mobile devices and a spell checker. They are clear that in the future they will develop “a siri Andalusian”. José Félix Ontañón, coordinator of technological projects, explains that the objective is to give “that little push” to achieve what seemed impossible: “Accelerate the passage from the phase of self-stigmatization of our language to that of its celebration”.

But not everyone applauds him. The feeling of Araceli López Serena, professor of Spanish Language at the University of Seville, is that people see these initiatives as “an entertainment”: “No speaker is going to approach, for the moment, those orthographic forms understanding that they are exemplary. They are an artifice that hastily seeks to achieve what other varieties have achieved over the centuries”. Her colleague Rodríguez-Iglesias counters: “Castilian required centuries because there were no media like the current ones.” But while the EPA shows muscle for having achieved a system that includes the different linguistic varieties of Andalusia, for the linguist this is impossible: “It is a paradoxical idea, it means subjecting something that is heterogeneous to a supposed common measure.”

Time will tell if the rise of the EPA —the fruit of the flourishing of a new cultural Andalusianism— ends in fashion or takes root as a written language from Despeñaperros down. For now, whoever wants to play Minecraft Andalusian may, if you wish, click on: “Borbêh ar huego”.

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Andalusian not: ‘Andalûh’ | The weekly country

open Minecraft —one of the best-selling video games in history— and you will find among the language options, behind the Spanish of Uruguay and that of Ven




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Andalusian not: ‘Andalûh’ | The weekly country


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