'Apex Legends' Season 7 Revealed

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The season goes live on November 4th for all platforms.

Apex Legends - Horizon

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled Apex Legends‘ next season along with its newest upcoming Legend. It’s Dr. Mary Somers aka Horizon,  an astrophysicist looking to solve an energy crisis and finding herself against impossible odds. Check out her backstory in “Promise” below.

Horizon’s abilities appear to be gravity-based, though we’ll have a better idea on them in the coming days. Season 7 – Ascension will also introduce a new map called Olympus. This is described as a “beautiful, lush city in the clouds” though it seems possible to fall and plummet back to the planet. The Trident has also been added for covering Olympus faster and can fit an entire squad.

A new battle pass with over 100 exclusive cosmetics, Ranked Season 7 and Clubs for finding like-minded players are also coming. Apex Legends – Season 7 is out on November 4th, which also marks the game’s release on Steam. Stay tuned for more details in the coming week including gameplay of Horizon.

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