Awkward Twitch Moments That Were Caught On Camera

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Gamers might know Ludwig, who streams everything from Mario Party to chess, from his recent Among Us romp with Lil Nas X. They could also know him from trying, and failing, to put on a full suit of armor during a livestream.

Ludwig decided to don the armor for his fans, who encouraged him to buy it via Amazon, but things went horribly wrong when he decided to rest on a chair in order to finish getting ready. Ludwig began to sit down, but missed the chair entirely, falling to the floor. Pieces of armor flew off around him as Ludwig yelled, "What happened to the chair?!" His friend laughed because, after all, there wasn't much that could be done to help the famous streamer. Sitting down in metallic armor that does not bend or break is likely to be uncomfortable at best, and a falling incident at worst.

Ludwig took it all in stride though, laughing off the incident and continuing with the stream. During another part of the session, Ludwig walked towards the camera, imitating how NPCs in many games awkwardly move, when he stubbed his toe, causing another awkward moment. A two for one special just can't be beat.

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