'Baldur's Gate 3' Players Build the Funniest Character Ever

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(Image: Larian Studios)

Baldur's Gate 3 offers players a plethora of character customization options, so why is it that the most-picked attributes blend into the most generic protagonist ever?

Developer Larian Studios took to Steam with its latest Baldur's Gate 3 hotfix update, and among discussions about crash scenarios and jokes about asking users to send the studio RTX 3080 GPUs, there was a curious image.

"Let's share something you've created yourselves (this is your own fault) through your choices in character creation," the post says. "We took the most popular choices in character creation and recreated this. We thought our analytics system wasn't working! We checked. It is."

The protagonist generated in 'Baldur's Gate 3' composited from popular player choice.

(Image: Larian Studios)

The incredulity stems from the fact that the character created from popular customization options is noticeably dull. With so many different ways to change up your character (including demon eyes, horns, and tails), it seems a bit odd that players are gravitating toward a basic everyman.

"Congratulations, you’ve basically made the default Vault Dweller," Larian joked. "We are sorely disappointed. Go crazy. We worked hard on this!" Of course, Larian isn't actually disappointed, as the studio later pointed out. They had just "expected a Frankenstein."

"When the character came out looking so normal, we had to double check the analytics!" the blog continued. "We love all our player's characters though, and we'll be sharing more data insights soon."

With Halloween coming up and Baldur's Gate 3 an extensive playground to make some of your wildest Dungeons & Dragons-esque dreams come true, now's a great time to go wild. Make the adventurer of your dreams.

Baldur's Gate 3 is currently available via Early Access on Steam.

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