Batman: Arkham Knight looks like another game with The Batman soundtrack

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  Batman: Arkham Knight looks like another game with The Batman soundtrack

Finally, batman has ended up becoming one of the most outstanding films of the bat of Gotham. After many doubts with the casting choice of Robert Pattinson as Batman, the work of Matt Reeves has been postulated as essential to discover the detective side of the DC character on the big screen. The fever caused by the film has led many players to sink their teeth into Rocksteady games again, and one of them has sneaked the soundtrack by Michael Giacchino that we can listen to on batman at the start of Batman: Arkham Knight.

The result, which we will leave you right here, is amazing. And best of all, both the music and the snippet of cinematics shown fit perfectly and show that the tone chosen by Giacchino has been ideal for the dark representation of the Caped Crusader:

AK opening with cant fight city Halloween score from the batman— Charlie (@Charlie2567234) March 14, 2022

Batman remains for a while

The introduction of Batman: Arkham Knight puts us in a Gotham plunged into chaos in which criminals roam freely and sow terror, and of course we, as Batman, have to put an end to this situation to restore order. That filth, corruption and negligence on the part of the authorities goes wonderfully well with what was seen in the batman by Matt Reeves, where the city of the Clown Prince of crime is in a terrible state, with corrupt politicians and crime more alive than ever. And that even though the bat has been on guard duty for two years.

Remember that batman has a confirmed expanded universe, with a couple of series destined to premiere on HBO Max (one about Colin Farrell’s Penguin and the other focused on Arkham asylum) and a possible sequel in the air.

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