Biggest Unanswered Questions In Mortal Kombat

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So, here's the thing about "Mortal Kombat": It might've ended before we actually got to see, well, Mortal Kombat. As the movie reveals, Mortal Kombat is the name of the tournament that pits Earthrealm's fighters against Outworld's. Shang Tsung's evil scheme is to hunt down and take out Earthrealm's forces before the tournament begins, leaving his side with a victory by default.

Ultimately, Cole Young rallies the good guys and decides to fight Tsung's warriors on his own terms, but other than a throwaway line about bringing the tournament to them, there's no indication that Mortal Kombat has actually started. In fact, the movie implies the opposite. When Young and the rest first arrive at Raiden's temple, Liu Kang hints that the tournament is about a month away,but it sure doesn't seem like anyone spends more than a few days training.

However, when the movie ends, it's played like Earthrealm has won. That means one of a few things have happened. One, maybe the movie's sense of time is just skewed, and the one-on-one battles that make up the film's climax comprise the actual tournament (this seems unlikely since, strictly speaking, that's not really how tournaments work). Two, with Outworld's forces decimated, the tournament has been postponed or canceled. Three, the tournament is still going to happen at the designated date, and we just haven't gotten there yet. That last option seems absurd, but it also explains why Young wants to get to Hollywood to recruit Johnny Cage as quickly as possible. So... maybe?

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