Bizarre Gaming Records That Believe It or Not Actually Exist

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One of the great things about gaming is how universal it can be. No matter what your interest, there's more than likely a game out there for you. While some gamers look for opportunities to strategize, others want a horror title that will keep them up at night. A big draw of many MMOs is the fact that there are multiple ways to play. Because of the open-world sandbox format, gamers can craft, quest, roleplay, fight, raid, fish, or just explore and complete their virtual map.

While many MMOs hold multiple world records, one in particular keeps racking up the trophies for some pretty bizarre things. In 2012, Runescape claimed a Guinness World Record that would open the gates to many future records for them: most fish in a video game. Considering the main focus of the game isn't fishing, this title is beyond impressive. More than 8 billion fish were caught in 2012 alone by the RuneScape community, with the creator of the game, Jagez, claiming that if you laid the fish head to tail, they would circle the world more than 20 times. With the record for the most prolifically updated MMORPG in 2017, it's no wonder that they continue to earn more and more records every year.

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