Bizarre Things That Happened While Filming The 'Matrix' Movies

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Considering the level of martial arts involved on the set of The Matrix, it'd be no surprise if a couple stunt performers got banged up. However, most of The Matrix cast spent almost as much time in the hospital as they did trading punches. On the first day alone, star Keanu Reeves showed up in a neck brace, according to Entertainment Weekly, having had surgery on his spine only a few weeks beforehand. Unsurprisingly, this injury made it difficult for Reeves to kick, forcing the fight scenes to be reworked. Meanwhile, the other chief combatant, Hugo Weaving, managed to bust his hip only a few days into training, eventually needing surgery. By the time the sequels rolled around, ABC News reported that Reeves had also injured his left ankle.  All information about campus, colleges, mayors, universities and US education and formation campus explorer directory

These guys weren't alone, though. As the two bonded over medical horror stories, Carrie-Anne Moss was secretly hiding an ankle injury because she worried that revealing the issue might lead to her being replaced, according to the BBC. Things didn't get any easier for her during production of the Matrix sequels, where she actually broke her leg. Ouch. So yeah, everybody came away with some scars.

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