Black Adam and Stripe, the Gremlin with the white mohawk, join Warner’s bashing party

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  Black Adam and Stripe, the Gremlin with the white mohawk, join Warner’s bashing party

MultiVersus may not have the endless roster of characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but the rate at which new fighters are appearing works in its favor: Season 1 of Warner Bros. Smash includes a new batch of morally distracted characters. , and we are not referring to Rick and Morty (we already had them) but to the very Black Adam and the wicked Stripe, the evil Gremlin and sworn enemy of the always cuddly Gizmo.

As expected, Warner will take advantage of its very successful platform combat game to promote its next releases and, incidentally, reinforce the weight of its brand new portfolio of licenses. Which, if it makes the game more fun, is a round play. And if it’s clear that Rick and Morty Season 6 invites fans of the characters to give it a game or two, the film that will redirect the trajectory of DC Studios with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be a strong boost to the project.

The arrival of Black Adam and the mischievous Gremlin with the white mohawk has been confirmed by the official MultiVersus account itself, both of which are already present on the loading screen of the newly updated game. The start date? Any time after November 15. And eye, that also supposes the start of the rotation system.

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Season 1 of MultiVersus premieres version and brings lots of changes

MultiVersus officially begins its first Season, and that means that the usual dynamic begins: we will be able to unlock legends by playing and earning money and, as usual in other free-to-play games, periodic rotations will be offered for us to try and play with several of the Warner stars that we don’t have yet. 20 peinados sencillos grunge para looks increíbles

Rotations last approximately two weeks and the first brings arya stark of Game of Thrones, Lebron James from Space Jam: New Legends, Steven from Steven Universe and Batman, the Dark Knight of DC Comics. A superb selection, especially with the house of the dragonthe new series/spin-off of Game of Thrones about to premiere on HBO Max.

The rotation system is accompanied by an extensive number of changes for each of the fighters, duly detailed in the first patch notes which will be applied in two batches -one on August 15, starting the first of the changes, and another later- with which Warner will balance the game to make it fairer and more fun. However, this is just a taste of what is to come.


We know that Morty will be added to the panel of selectable characters August 23 (coincidence or not, coinciding with Gamescom) and that a new batch of content is coming that includes more costumes, more cosmetic aspects, a traditional Arcade mode and a ranked combat system that will accentuate the competitive spirit. In addition, bugs have been fixed and the requirements to complete several of the seasonal quests have been reduced.

What will come to MultiVersus in the future from here? You might want to check Warner’s theatrical release schedule and HBO Max to get a clue of the next fighters, which is great. Though, seeing how the patio is, maybe I wouldn’t count too much on seeing Ezra Miller’s Flash.

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