Chivalry 2 is free to play for a limited time with its colossal battles

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 Chivalry 2 is free to play for a limited time with its colossal battles

We love getting slammed, slashed, and dirty in player-packed battles. One of the kings in this type of format is Chivalry 2, with its adaptation of the bloodiest medieval times. The work of Torn Banner Studios It allows us to enter games of up to 64 players to make it clear who reigns in everything that the eye can see.

For this reason, an occasion like this is one that must be taken advantage of yes or yes. Chivalry 2 is free to play on the Epic Games Store for a limited time and from today, March 17. you can keep playing at no cost until the 21stthat is, all weekend to get a good vice.

No, Mortal Kombat was not the first controversial game for its explicit violence. And for sample, here are these classic gore Todo sobre gatos, nombres de gatos y razas de gatos Blog sobre gatos

Also, if you fall in love with such a display of violence, you can take the opportunity to get Chivalry 2 at a good discount. Until the 33% discount and we are left at 24.11 euros for regular editing. The Special Edition is also within reach for 29.47 euros, including special content.

Precisely this test coincides with the arrival of the expansion House Aberfell, a game mode that includes druids, a new weapon, killer bees and various new mechanics. One more reason to pick up a sword and make it clear that in medieval times we would not have lasted even five minutes.

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