Creepy Things We All Ignore About Mega Man Games

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Despite his perpetual endgame failings, the evil Dr. Wily has done a pretty good job of turning the normal world against us. A huge portion of his robot army is created from a haphazard menagerie of industrial mechas and household droids that have been reprogrammed into vicious war machines. But the form of these killer contraptions doesn't always match their function. Enter Tom Boy.

This "robot made from an old toy" from Mega Man 4 resembles a Slinky, the precompressed helical spring toy invented by naval engineer Richard James in 1943. Tom Boy doesn't fire any ranged attacks. Instead, its sturdy, coiled form bowls over you like so many stairsteps. Interestingly enough, Tom Boy isn't the only killer toy in Dr. Wily's legion of lethal robots. See also: Gachappon, Mega Man 2's Fly Boy, Mega Man 5's Cocco, Mega Man 6's Pandeeta, and many, many more. Nothing is safe from Dr. Wily's reign of robotic terror — especially your childhood.

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