Creepy Things We Found in the 'Uncharted' Games

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Nathan Drake is a lucky guy. Sure, not everything goes according to plan for the daring explorer, but it's nothing short of a miracle that he's been able to wriggle his way out of so many death traps and firefights. Then again, players can see what happens when he doesn't, thanks to some truly gruesome death animations sprinkled throughout the series.

For one particularly intense example, let's take a look at a scene from Uncharted 2. A trap has been triggered that brings a ceiling full of spikes down on Nathan and his partner Chloe. If Nathan shoots out the gears operating the trap, then he and Chloe will be able to escape. If not, players are treated to the screen cutting to black, with a horrific squishing sound accompanying our heroes' desperate screams.

Or how about the flashback sequences of Uncharted 4, which show a young Nathan Drake who is already fairly adept at the kind of acrobatic free-running his adult self would get into all the time? If players don't time some of their jumps just right, they'll be treated to seeing the actual onscreen death of a child, which many games wouldn't dare show.

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