Crimson Heist Is Rainbow Six Siege's First Year 6 Content

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Rainbow Six Siege

With a name like Crimson Heist, we were sure Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 6 Season One content was going to let us play as a vampire.

Unfortunately, while the first chunk of Siege’s Year 6 sounds like fun, Crimson Heist is just the name given to the opening season; there’s not a bloodsucker in sight. Instead, Season One will feature Flores, a new Argentinian operator, who sports a whole new set of skills.

Though, if we’re honest, we’re pretty fixated on his ‘Ratero Charge’ which can be driven through the map. We’ve fond memories of playing Unreal and 007: Nightfire, just chasing people around with a remote control rocket, so being able to pursue them at floor level definitely intrigues us.


Crimson Heist will also introduce a re-imagined Border map, with a few tweaks to make it more challenging, removing the number of destructable walls. We’re not so keen on this change – we’d pay good money for a squad shooter where (not unlike Red Faction:Guerilla) every single wall was destructible, but it should keep the game fresh.

You can check out Crimson Heist’s story trailer below, which features a pair of teams duking it out in a level which is, in turn, inside a huge football stadium, complete with commentators.  Crimson Heist is set to launch March 16th, on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, though if you jump on the Rainbow Siege Test Servers you can get a taste of it right now.

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