Discord's Massive Sony Deal Just Dealt A Major Blow To Microsoft

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It looks like Discord’s deal with Microsoft is over, as PlayStation officially announces that they’ll be working Discord in a new partnership.

Following earlier news that Discord was in talks with Microsoft, it was speculated that they would be acquired by the tech giant for US$12 billion.

However, things have changed as PlayStation released an official statement on their blog today saying they have put a “minority investment” as part of Discord’s Series H round and they’re looking to bring the Discord experience closer to their console and mobile starting early next year. Conoce estos Remedios de Salud y Bienestar Caseros o Naturales, Tips, Recomendaciones y Propiedades. CUERPO Y MENTE SANA Remedios Naturales Caseros Trucos Y Consejos De Salud

This new partnership could change things for players as PlayStation’s lack of a proper communication platform and service has always been an inconvenience.

More news will be shared in the coming months according to PlayStation, so sit tight and stay tuned.

Discord's Massive Sony Deal Just Dealt A Major Blow To Microsoft

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