Disturbing Gaming Urban Legends That May Keep You Up Tonight

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The mysterious Morrowind mod known as "Jvk1166z.esp" has gained notoriety for its supposed effects on a player's computer ... and their sanity. The story goes that this mod came out in the mid-2000s to add some gnarly effects to The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, but no one could ever get it to work, with the mod instead corrupting save files and locking up the game.

Supposedly (again, the truth is finicky with these legends), one player was able to get the mod to play. The player said that most of the game's NPCs would collapse dead, with the ones who survived taking to strange behavior, staring upwards and repeatedly saying things like "Watch the sky." Not only that, but this player found a dungeon in the game that displayed pictures from the player's personal files on the walls.

The game also began to insidiously seep into the player's subconscious, with a mysterious spider-legged assassin appearing to the player in his dreams. While there seems to be no evidence that this version of the mod actually exists, the story has taken root as fans try to figure out how it could all be possible.

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