DogLife: How to Scavenge for Food

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  DogLife: How to Scavenge for Food

Much like becoming a Bitizen in BitLifeDogLife drops you into the role of a dog where you can choose from various breeds and make numerous choices to live out your life however you’d like. There’s plenty to do here such as scavenging for food, but not every dog will get the chance to do that. If you’re wondering how to scavenge for food in DogLife, we’ve got you covered with a simple guide.

Scavenging for Food in DogLife

DogLife Activities Scavenge Food


Ever since the announcement of DogLife by the creators of BitLife, players have eagerly awaited to see just how much they can do in this simulation game. Scavenging for food is just one of several activities to play, but you can only do it if you meet certain conditions. You must be a street dog.

DogLife allows you to choose from starting out as a shelter dog, a house dog, a pet store dog, or a street dog. The only way you can scavenge for food in the simulation game is by being out on the streets. So, the initial character you create can start out as a street dog so that you’ll get the scavenging option.

Beginning the game as a street dog isn’t necessary though as you can always become a street dog instead by running away from the shelter or your home. This will place you in the same scenario of scavenging for food.

It isn’t as simple as just scavenging though. As with other activities performed in BitLife, in DogLife, you have to do a mini-game if you want to scavenge for food. It’s a simple little game in which you choose from three garbage bins that switch places and you have to guess which one has the food.


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In no time, your tough street dog in DogLife will quickly learn how to scavenge for food on the regular to thrive and survive.

DogLife is available on Android and iOS.

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