Download these 2 free games from Steam and discover the moving story behind them

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  Download these 2 free games from Steam and discover the moving story behind them

These two Steam games have been free to play for a few days: Waves and Waves2: Notorious.

Download these 2 free games from Steam and discover the moving story behind them 08/22/2022 17:45

Steam It is the most popular video game platform among gamers. Every week offers very interesting promotions to get new games at a price of laughter and some even free. This time we have to talk about 2 Steam games that have become free to play in the last few days for a really sad reason. Your Creator Rob Hale recently passed away and his last wish was that everyone could enjoy his games for free. So, now Wave and Wave 2 are free to download on Steam.

In the official game sheet, a partner of Rob Hale announced the sad news with a statement. Hale had been thinking for several months about converting Wave and Wave 2 in free to play games. “I hope this can be seen as a parting gift,” explained CJ, his partner at Squid in a Box. Below is an excerpt from CJ’s letter, as well as details for download Wave and Wave 2 for free on Steam.

Hi, I’m CJ, I’m a partner at Squid (Rob). I have an announcement, and honestly, it’s one of the hardest announcements I think I’ll ever have to make. Rob passed away a fortnight ago from complications of cancer after a long and arduous stay in hospital. I wish I had made the announcement sooner, but I just wasn’t calm enough to sit down and write anything meaningful until now.

By now you may have noticed that both Waves and Waves 2 are free to play on all platforms. This was something that Rob was considering anyway in the last couple of months as his health got into major difficulties, so hopefully this can be seen as a parting gift to all those who haven’t played any yet. of these games. Gestación subrogada en Estados Unidos



Waves is a very attractive arcade shooter game

It’s about a arcade shooter game whose objective is to clear each phase of enemies. The player has very agile skills They allow you to chain combos and use bombs at the right time to get rid of waves. Yes it becomes very difficult, it is possible to use a time buffer to slow down the pace and have more options. The game has many different modes to compete with friends or a Survival mode with only 3 lives available.

Download Waves FREE for PC

Waves 2: Notorious

Both games have very good ratings of the users. Notorious is the sequel to Waves with a very similar and striking art design, although it was left incomplete due to Hale’s death. Like the first, Waves 2 is a Frenetic and addictive Bullet Hell, where the player engages in virtual combat in cyberspace. While making attacks, you can gain adrenaline to unleash devastating abilities against enemies. There are variety of elements for each user to find your own style of play.

Waves 2: Notorious

Waves 2: Notorious is really addictive and has very good ratings

Download Waves 2: Notorious FREE for PC

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