Dr Disrespect Takes a Massive Swing at Twitch's Takedown Policy

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Twitch’s DMCA takedowns have been haunting content creators for quite some time now. The issue it highlights is that the streamers cannot use copyrighted music in their streams without the necessary permissions. Furthermore, fans clip certain portions of a stream which is shown in a different section on the streamer’s page. These clips, too, have the music in it which results in DMCA taking action and removing all these clips. Now, streamer Nickmercs is the latest one to fall victim to this, but Dr Disrespect has a hilarious response for the same.

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Nick took to Twitter to announce that he will have to take down a lot of his content that is flagged.

“Got smacked with the ole DMCA today. Can’t say I’m surprised, lowkey was askin’ for it. No trip to bora bora for your boy unfortunately & everything will have to be deleted tonight. GG’s, sugma, P&L.”

Even though he accepted that he saw this coming, Nick didn’t seem too happy about it. After all, it is his content that he worked so hard to develop, which is being taken down. Naturally, he had to voice his opinion about this, and several other streamers replied as well.

Dr Disrespect has a hilarious response to Cloakzy on Nickmercs’ post

Cloakzy thought it would be a nice idea to bring Dr Disrespect into the mix. He responded to Nick saying “Just listen to @drdisrespect on repeat like I do.”

This is because Doc has put out two songs tailor-made for him by artist J+1. In addition to this, his song, ‘Alleyways’, was also allegedly played during an NBA match. Cloakzy clearly won it with his reply but Doc also had something to say. In response to Cloakzy, Doc said “Expect a DMCA email soon from my team.” Quick news about games, health, travel, tv, movies Quick news about games, health, travel, tv, movies

Obviously, Doc was just joking here, but it also seemed like he was taking a subtle dig at Twitch here. Doc has also done this before where he had mentioned that anyone can use his song in their videos.

Nevertheless, this is a huge loss to the streamers considering it is their content that is being affected. Even if the DMCA notice is justified, Twitch should’ve provided some cushion to the streamers where it didn’t come down to deleting the content completely.

Twitch has come up with its own rights-free music library called ‘Soundtrack by Twitch’ to help streamers avoid these bans. Still, the functionality of it is yet to be tested.  Hopefully, the platform will think of a better, more viable solution in the future.

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