Dragon Ball Super borrows one of Ms. Marvel’s great powers

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Dragon Ball Super borrows one of Ms. Marvel’s great powers

Gas, through his cosmic power, managed to lengthen his limbs to attack Goku.

Dragon Ball Super borrows one of Ms. Marvel's great powers 07/24/2022 01:00

Taking as inspiration or references some of the characters and their most emblematic powers is already a custom in the entertainment industry. In the past we have seen all kinds of creative official collaborations between companies and even some of the creators, producers and mangaka have explained to their fans – through interviews or SBS – how other works have motivated them to develop their own. narratives.

The references for the creation of Dragon Ball

Thus, Dragon Ball is not the exception to the rule, since on multiple occasions Akira Toriyama spoke of his links to classical Chinese literature that, although it is not exactly a creation of other franchises as such, it did help to build its universe (ignoring that the confrontations, the environment and many details of its characters are more related to China than to Japan). In fact, the mangaka explained that his publisher encouraged him to take other elements of popular culture and entertainment as a basis, such as the Jackie Chan movies -which were Toriyama’s favorites- and concentrate them in a Kung-fu manga. shonen, which resulted in the series that we can see today.

Even there are theories that there are also similarities with Star Wars. For example, Kanisama’s palace and the sacred tower, where Master Karin lives, are locations that share many characteristics with Lando Calrissian’s city in the clouds in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Or also, in the first episodes of the Dragon Ball manga, where a robot similar to R2-D2 is seen, while in the background there is a ship in the purest style of the Imperial Transporter from the first Star Wars trilogy. However, these latest details have been a mere comparison between the fan community. And, although it is possible that, in effect, it is a reference for Toriyama, it does not cease to surprise the similarities that science fiction universes can share.


Marvel is also part of the inspiration for Dragon Ball

Likewise, now that Dragon Ball Super is reaching the climax of the Granola the Survivor arc, while tempers among the audience have been rising with Goku and Vegeta fighting Gas – following the discovery of Bardock’s past and the knowledge that has led the saiyan to arrive on the battlefield from another more judicious perspective- another discovery awaited us: the last chapter of the series was based on Ms. Marvel to create the new power of Heeter.

Although it was foreseeable that the fight against Gas was going to continue for a while longer, due to its importance within the story, it is true that it has had its own evolution in unexpected ways. In other words, abilities and power-ups were also tweaked for each side, but the previous Dragon Ball chapter decided to take it much further with Gas’s powerful final form.

As was already known, Gas had to push his body’s strength a degree beyond its own limits in order to unlock one last surge of ultimate power; but the level of power only became apparent with the new transformation. Somehow this is not surprising because Gas has been developing a series of powers after each transformation, however, on this occasion, Dragon Ball showed that the villain could really go far. Through an array of energy weapons, he used a new set of gigantic fists and feet to attack Goku in a manner very similar to the lead superhero in the Disney+ series..


As far as Ms. Marvel is concerned, the series showed her fans a more humanized version of Kamala Khan than the one in the comics. In it, the superheroine lives a process of self-knowledge of her powers through her admiration for the Avengers and she walks along with her audience her path to becoming what she always dreamed of. But one noticeable difference, compared to the original character, is that his elasticity abilities were shown as channeling cosmic powers with the help of a bracelet that allows him to elongate his hands and feet – in a way more or less similar to the comics-. In this sense, the modification of his power in the MCU is what we can see in chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super when Gas uses the same technique.

Of course, this manifestation of energy is what allows the villain to extend his hands and feet to hit his enemy, just like Ms. Marvel would. This is likely a coincidence, though it wouldn’t be surprising if Toriyama later clarified which powers of his characters resemble heroes from different universes. Be that as it may, everything seems to indicate that the fight against Gas is near its end.

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Dragon Ball Super borrows one of Ms. Marvel’s great powers

Taking as inspiration or references some of the characters and their most emblematic powers is already a custom in the entertainment industry. In the past we h







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